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  1. Y0UI's ll [4/6] Slot

    @Y0UI ok im finally caving ToT c-can you do slime girls? x,D
  2. Busy with work so I'm on hiatus at least until January.

  3. ☆ヤンデレ☆ !!\OPEN 2/2/!! (NEWSTYLE)

    Omfg yessss ♡♡♡ how much more do i owe you for the sparkles?
  4. ☆ヤンデレ☆ !!\OPEN 2/2/!! (NEWSTYLE)

    Sent! Also would it be too late to ask for a more dull colored background and sparkle animation? If it is its totally no worries
  5. ☆ヤンデレ☆ !!\OPEN 2/2/!! (NEWSTYLE)

    Dont think so
  6. ☆ヤンデレ☆ !!\OPEN 2/2/!! (NEWSTYLE)

    Did you ever see my post? Page 3 O.o @evur
  7. Work In Progress

  8. ☆ヤンデレ☆ !!\OPEN 2/2/!! (NEWSTYLE)

    ☆ Form ☆ !!Please draw my Oc!! BRIBE or REGULAR slot: Regular Name/Text (3 max) : Oniichan, Brianna (With Oniichan watermarks on both) Character : x Type draw (anime/pixel) : Pixel Single/couple : Single Pose : x (the girl on the left, same expression too) Background : Your text here. Detail : Playing a game/video game controller Animation : Blink Extra : o3o Type payment : Credits also, am i allowed to post two orders? i want something else done ;w;
  9. ☆ V E L T E C K - COMS Hiatus ☆

    ;o; stalking until slots are open ♡
  10. Work In Progress

    commission wip o3o
  11. Work In Progress

    cus I'm too excited for Halloween cri

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