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  1. Work In Progress

    ok so these are awful; cause its taken with phone v.v & theres alot of wips ;-; so ignore these
  2. The Weird Things You Do

    I always start some art n never finish it its a epidemic
  3. Games

    finally got the medal I wanted in Kingdom Hearts
  4. Feelings Thread

    I feel like a baked potato hmph
  5. Post Your Mood With A GIF

    i went to sleep at like 8am n couldnt get comfy bt then i cuddled up n woke up at 3pm XD
  6. What programs/tablets do you use?

    Thinking about getting rid of medibang for photoshop again
  7. Official GASR Forum Discord

    oh great i needed another distraction xD
  8. Poetry anyone?

    We don't smile to decieve others. We smile because when we're drowning in an ocean of our own despair, our smile becomes a life jacket, a symbol of hope & strength. They say the happiest people are sometimes the saddest but they're also the strongest. -Sin
  9. post some quotes

    Thats the thing about pain.. It demands to be felt. -my mind .3.
  10. free rl dps

    did u want blonde hair & blue eyes? & am i given artistic freedom
  11. free rl dps

    @Shmesh I don't mind at all
  12. free rl dps

    you're about to make me stop what i'm doing xD lol i love ur updates
  13. Feelings Thread

    i gotta pick a art style n stick to it
  14. CAPABLE (3) - 15 DOLLAR OR LESS.

    good luck
  15. Feelings Thread

    getting drunk & arting fk it y not

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