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    See these things escape my newb eyes
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    I would most miss @mentions and emails about posts I follow, just in case some thing is wrong with the notification system on site, It is a nice fall back net if something malfunctions you have the other to look to. I know it helped me when the site had a few updates as I didn't get on site notifications, but emails instead of artists telling me to send payment, helped them not have to wait for me to notice. On the other hand, I am also one of those people who forget to un-check things and end up with a full mailbox That being said, if the more popularly used ones would be brought back in the future a master setup of what notifications you want emailed could help reduce the use of resources for those people who forget to un-check every time (I don't know if this master setting was an option as I just un-checked things every time I followed).

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