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  1. Thank you so much! She looks stunning <3 I'll definitely order again soon.
  2. Looks absolutely stunning!!! Take your time <3
  3. Lovely! I'll go and pay the invoice now!
  4. Big art or no big art?: No big art, please. Style #: #2! References: XXX Pose refs: In album above! Background: Simple Pink or Black? Whatever colour you think looks well w/ the composition Text, watermark or both and what as text (2 name limit): For text: Lucy on both and for watermark: one of them Seether? The other w/ no watermark, just Lucy. Any other details I should know: Honestly? If the accessories are too much, or gaudy, you're free to not draw them. I'd prefer the keeping of facial jewelery. Animations?: None! Total price: $25 Paypal /email (can pm): gutspills@gmail.com
  5. Oh my god she;s absolutely perfect! thank you so much!!! <3
  6. Honestly ur arts so good I hope you don't mind I tipped more LOL. She looks absolutely fantastic!!! Coudl I have her eyebrows be more arched though? or maybe sharped angled.
  7. what i want (animation/no) : Blinking, please <3 references / links : XXX pose(s) / optional: in the folder <3 background color: Black or pink, maybe white. whatever looks best w/ the composition! text: Lucy text color: pink/black preferably. extra info: Will you please include my rat? i'll tip <3 paypal e-mail: gutspills@gmail.com dp? (yes/no) yes! total: 14 + tip?
  8. Looks amazing!!! I'll send payment when I get home!!!
  9. Reference(s): <3 Type: bust! Text: Lucy Personality: cutesy, more childish poses? shes annoying tbh LOL
  10. Refs: huehehuggackcough  Text: one as Lucy and one as funshine Anything else?: draw that funky rat!!! i'll give u 20 bux
  11. ✼ Name/nickname: Lucillia / Lucy ✼ Age (can leave blank if you aren't comfortable telling!): 21~ ✼ Favorite weather(s): rain / cloudy ✼ Food you love: I love mac n cheese or sushi! ✼ Food you hate/allergic to: I am allergic to caramel, and I hate tomatoes. ✼ A few artists that you adore: @Can @sick @Plant @Aleck ✼ Music you listen to: I listen to Mom Jeans. , vocaloid, and the Front Bottoms! ✼ Movies or TV shows? And if so, which ones: I like the office and TDI ✼ Do you watch anime? If so, what are your some of your favs? Detective Conan and Sailor Moon! ✼ Favorite animal(s): Cats!!! Rats!!! ✼ Favorite color(s): Pink, baby blue, YELLOW ✼ Pet peeve(s): Open mouth chewing, people who constantly touch others, and extreme eye-contact LOL ✼ Hobbies: Art, playing pokemon and animal crossing, sleeping! ✼ Likes: I love care bears, sanrio, popples, vintage toys, pastel colors, kidcore fashion. ✼ Dislikes: Loud, obnoxious things, country music, animal haters, the color orange! ✼ What do you do for fun on GASR?: I forum stalk while i'm out in public on my phone LOL ✼ What you would like to see in our group?: Just everyone getting together and having fun! ✼ What do you most want people to know about who you are?: uhhhhh I'm easily approachable! and friendly!!! pls b my fren <3
  12. popple

    cannibal lady

    leaf TOOL LEAF TOOL LEEFTOOL GOOD AAAA i loveuu u w u

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