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  1. @Waifu I won’t be able to get it now, having some issues with my bank account. If it’s still here when it sorts out I’ll get it even if the price is higher.
  2. I want Goddess of Death... will fill out the form in about 15 mins
  3. 💐 Thy God, Bring us Spring! 💐 Artist: Sewn God/Goddess/Deity: Hera Bid Amount: SB
  4. @GothickRocker Can I get a tag when slots are open please? I have a name change on my alt so I need new things!
  5. @Pantone Sent for the order but text wise can you just put Mampie on it? I'm starting a new dev account.
  6. ☾Bust/Half Body/Couple: Bust ☾ References: makeup + skin / hair / outfit / earrings / necklace Skintone should be just a little darker, I want the lips to be big as well and if you can't do the hair just lemme know and I'll link something else. ☾ Theme: Sexy, Flirty, Diva ☾ Background: Maybe a bedroom? You have freedom with this part ☾ Watermark: Chloe / Main Text - Tatty ☾ Animations: Something cute ☾ Price: $13
  7. Set Number (ACG#): 0002 Name for Order: Tatty File Type Requested: PSD Payment Method: Credits Any Changes: Can I have a text layer with Gunta as well? Total Due: 5,000 credits
  8. @Yami Can you do dreads as a hairstyle? I wanna know before I get my refs and stuff

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