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  • Birthday 02/09/1990

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  1. Chloe


    @Alz Sent hun! Proof
  2. Chloe


    @Alz Can I pay now? I want to clear up my payments on my credit card.
  3. Chloe


    DRAWING - FULL Text; Amedei Half or Full Body; Full Body OC/Refs; pose (hand on hip to the end) | clothing (makeup) | skintone| hair + color Extras; I think the refs pretty much explain everything Price; £20
  4. Chloe

    백합 🌈 // 9

    Sent - Proof
  5. Chloe

    백합 🌈 // 9

    I want a premade! - You already buy art from me?: No - Premade for: Me - Premade number: 105 - Text: Amedei - Text color? : Anything that goes 😀 - Total Price: 5€ - Suggestions for future premades? : More tan skintones
  6. Chloe

    ☆City lights☆ OPEN

    @Paige No changes! Thanks hun 😊
  7. Chloe

    Guilty Pleasures!

    My Guilty Pleasures (I don't feel guilty though) Food: Meat Lovers Pizza w Pineapple, Snickerdoodles, Bacon Cheeseburgers Music: Soca, Dancehall, Old School Hip Hop & R&B Movie: Anythang I love TV Show: Big Mouth, Sons of Anarchy... and lotsa other stuff Book: I love to read so all my books (1000's thank god for eBooks) are guilty pleasures. Anything else: I love to watch bot fly extraction videos on YT
  8. Chloe

    ☆City lights☆ OPEN

    @Paige It's okay hun, take your time. I'm in no rush
  9. Chloe

    ☆City lights☆ OPEN

    Sketch looks great and payment sent! Lemme know if you need proof.
  10. Chloe

    ☆City lights☆ OPEN

    Name: Slacker Text: Amedei Type: Single DP References: I really just want a headshot (skin / makeup hair / color clothes) Add on(s): None Total: $5 My dog had parvo as a puppy so I know how hard it can be and I'm glad your friend caught it early because it can be deadly if not treated.
  11. Chloe

    ☆ Peach Milk ☆

    @Mercy Sure hun, I can pay via PayPal and you can leave out the $, it's no probs. I suck at PYP Is $3 a tile good? So $6?
  12. Chloe

    ☆ Peach Milk ☆

    Preferred Size: 20x20 Badge #1 References: 1 / 2 / Lip Color I basically want a lip with teeth in the biting action like #1 but the if I can have the two front teeth gold (one with a $) I would appreciate it. Badge #2 References: 1 I just want something just like the image, a money bag with coins around it IMVU Account: Amedei Price: I can pay both Credits or PayPal so it's really whichever you prefer.
  13. Chloe

    C A B E S W A T E R ▲ Badge Art ▲ On Hold

    @Hanh Perfect! Sent proof
  14. Chloe

    C A B E S W A T E R ▲ Badge Art ▲ On Hold

    finally got on! @Hanh Can the lens be changed to something like this with gold frames? If it's not too much this color hair? If you can't change it, just lemme know. I'll take it as it is.

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