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  1. ✚✚ MÜNICH [ 1 ]

    I just want to see more big tiddie gorls.
  2. FML. I miss this every single time, lol. Such a cutie.
  3. ? ᴄ ᴀ ᴘ [ nothing up atm ]

    PREMADE NAME: heal MAIN TEXT: Lovelace. WATERMARK: Lovelace. IS THE PREMADE FOR A FRIEND / ALT : No. PRICE: $5 don't forget to read the rules to avoid complications
  4. ☠ Ritual ☠

  5. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    So many dark haired beauties this batch. Sad I wasn't able to get one, but congrats to those that did! I can't wait to see what else you cook up @Sorcelly!
  6. ☠ Ritual ☠

    Omg! Bloodbath and Massacre. Please make more males like them. I wanna snag one before Vday, lol. Salty that I'm just now finding your shop.
  7. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    I'd really like to see a combination of dark and girly. Like mix the two in one. AND DEFINITELY some more black haired babes. lowkeyhasanobsessionwithblackhair. And vamp babes pls.
  8. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    Blood moon is Such a hottie. Hope to see more like her!
  9. House of Horrors [0 DP - AVAILABLE]

    So. Tempted. Someone snatch her before I do, lol.
  10. House of Horrors [0 DP - AVAILABLE]

    Payment sent lovely! Proofs: https://gyazo.com/d882ef4ea98d4fc93d9ad2af0eded3e8
  11. House of Horrors [0 DP - AVAILABLE]

    Text(s): Lovelace. Premade Name/Number: Norvina. Price: $50 Did you read the "Rules for Purchasing Premades": Yis, ghost! ♥
  12. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    So glad I'm on a normal sleeping schedule. Gonna be stalking! Do you mind me asking what the themes are?
  13. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    Oh rip. The other form didn't show up for me until now so it looked like I was the first. x.x
  14. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    Ripperoni's. They were all so cute!
  15. ⛪✝✙✝ Pet Sematary ✝✙✝⛪ 0

    Premade Name: Cute or not Main text: Lovelace. Watermark: Lovelace. Price: 76 CAD Email to send the dps (you can also pm me your email): dollbrooke@ymail.com Have you read & agreed with the rules? Yis!

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