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  1. SIMS????

    ART SHOP MODERATOR MESSAGE: Locked. If you're wishing to receive free art then please view the shops already created in our free shop section linked here. G A S R F O R U M
  2. ★ I Am Groot (8) giveaway pg20

    G I V E A W AY MARCH March's giveaway is now open! To enter, react to this post with the 'giveaway token' 1st Prize: Free Custom Order, 1 Free Animation, 1 Free Speed Edit 2nd Prize: 50% Off Custom Order, 1 Free Animation 3rd Prize: 50% Off Premade Please read all rules/information on first post. Other reactions do not count.
  3. ★ available ★

    Available ★ Work schedule updated in my second post. I have a few days this week where I'm travelling, I won't be able to reply whilst driving for obvious reasons and may take longer to reply whilst at work. If you don't mind waiting up to a day for a reply then feel free to PM me on these days still, if not then please PM either @Cas or @Nini. This only applies for Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.
  4. Very specific Dp!!

  5. ✧ Sophistique; WE'RE OPEN!

    @Lunna I am working on yours! Will post a wip tomorrow!
  6. Name: Pey Screenie(s) no: M1303, K1102, l903, g701, all saved!
  7. Do you remember me? (DpEdit) Giveaway

    this is a good idea! I may do this when I have the time and motivation.
  8. ღHGღ✨Seeking Sunshine✨★Goal★

    Hi @Pomeranian, You can't ask buyers to cover your paypal fees as this goes against Paypal's terms of service! Please read the below announcement for more information. It is your responsibility to pay your own paypal fees and not your customers', please remove all mention of fees from your first post. Thanks for your understanding!
  9. Oh man did I miss the screenie preview PM?
  10. I was about to say I'm extra and used two overlays... then I came in here and saw that I didn't quite match everyone else's.
  11. $2 Pixel Headshots [FULL]

    Ah I’m so sorry I thought I’d replied. she looks great so far! I can send through the money when I get onto my laptop
  12. New GASR Moderators

    Congrats both! You have done brilliantly so far
  13. thankyou for all my valentines card kis kis xox

    1. Fervent


      wow who sent them to you!? I THOUGHT WE SAID YOU WOULD BE LAST



    2. Pey


      I think I got them first :lazeflirt:

  14. ★ I Am Groot (8) giveaway pg20

    NEW Red Lingerie Screenshot By Hera £3 / 10k
  15. Official GASR Forum Discord

    Sorry you have to be over 18 to leave a review x

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