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  1. Karma

    draw with me

    aw you're sweet thank you
  2. hi there. so idk how to do this. i'm new to using a tablet. i'm new to paint tool sai. and i'm just straight up new to drawing in general. all i've done is watch tutorials and admire everyone's artwork for a long time. i feel like i'm really creative but i just can't make my ideas... shine. i'm searching for a collab partner to pick up on my weaknesses and my goal is to create premades together. i use paint tool sai and gimp but i never use gimp when i do paintings/drawings/dps. my favorite parts to do is lips, eyes, makeup (although im not good at it), and basic sketching. i can't do shading very well, my noses are alright i guess, i can't do hair or eyebrows at all. you can view my wip's here: https://sta.sh/2u1sjtzqr8q?edit=1 and you can fill out this application i stole if you're interested: What's your name? What do you prefer to be called? What timezone do you live in? How active are you in the forums? What editing programs do you use? Share a few examples of your work? What are your favorite parts of an avatar to edit? What are your least favorite parts of an avatar to edit? What's the best way for us to share files? thank you.
  3. Doing custom orders at this new shop :bfcry:


  4. Karma

    01:22am | Icons+Banners

    Hello. I am usually lazy with this part so I usually sold pre-mades in the market lol but i wanna do some customs if any orders examples- icons: pending animations: loading, "...", fade, float, shake examples- banners: <---- NEW BANNER SIZE animations: bounce, float, fade, shake, shine, sparkle, glow, background flicker prices: paypal only. icon- $5 pending: +$1 banner- $5 banner animation: +$2 order form: icon- theme: colors: references: likes: dislikes: extra: pending animation: total price: banner- if this banner is to match an icon just say match: font style or specific link: theme: colors: references: extra: animation: (say no if not desired) total price: *Failure to pay after preview is shown and approved after 4 days means I sell your order as a premade
  5. Karma

    16 Creative Icon Borders

    Version 1.0.0

    Here's 16 of my favorite premade icon borders for you to use on your icons. Each border is different and unique. I even use these as my go-to whenever I'm having an art block making icons or to spice it up. (I would love to see the icons people come up with!😍)


  6. I'm back. Do people still buy icons anymore? :lazetears:

    1. Mourning


      Yesss, I just have trouble finding someone to do a style I'd be into. 


    #008 | $10

    008_karma_by_crybabydc-dbwo3jc.png 008_karma_by_crybabydc-dbwo3jf.gif 008b_karma_by_crybabydc-dbwo3jh.png


    #005 | $8

    5icon_by_crybabydc-dbx05yn.png 5pending_by_crybabydc-dbx05yj.gif 5banner_by_crybabydc-dbx05yu.gif

  8. Karma

    |✧| Hollow's Tea House |✧| FULL |✧|

    this shop layout is really cute. i had to comment lol.
  9. What are you Selling - icon+banner

    Preview - 


    Price - 

    #003: $11

    #005: $11

    #006: $8 SOLD

    #007: $8 SOLD

    1. Unicorns


      I want 7 but I'm broke..

    2. Yura


      I know this is a long shot but is 003 still available? 

  10. If anyone wants to art trade with me: 


  11. What are you Selling - icon+banner

    Preview - 


    Price - 

    #003: $11

    #005: $11

    #006: $8 SOLD

    #007: $8

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