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  1. I'm accepting private orders through pm My icons are only $6 with pending included. 

    Cortney icon / pending by CrybabyDC Icon 5 by CrybabyDC in_my_dreams_by_crybabydc-db01ywk.gif  

    Banners are $5. Animated Banners are $6.

    Icon+Pending+Banner combination is only $8.

    Pm me for a form :bhee:

  2. I've made an update to my Icon Add on Pack! Now including 21 creative borders instead of 16! Check it out here <

  3. Icy-1 by CrybabyDC Icy-2 by CrybabyDC

    Premade code #XMS02


    4 premades available in my shop atm, all cheap

  4. It's time for Christmas Icons :erlmo:


    Premade code #XM01
    Christmas 2018-1 by CrybabyDC Christmas 2018-2 by CrybabyDC Christmas 2018-3 by CrybabyDC


    Chrisgmasone 1028 by CrybabyDC

  5. Icon+Banner #100


    Todayicon3 by CrybabyDC Todayicon4 by CrybabyDC

    Todaybanner by CrybabyDC

    $10 Paypal

    free pending can be made if desired

    free changes


  6. Karma

    GASR Premade Market

  7. Hello all, 


    I am back again. I've always been on/off Gasr and I don't know if anyone will actually read this,

    I just wanted to make a quick post to say I am back and will be responding to all new private 

    messages and that I will be taking custom/private requests starting from today. Anyone interested

    can pm me and I will respond asap. 


    I don't think I will be setting up any new custom shops or premade shops either. I will post my new premades

    here as a status and also in the premade market. Again, for customs, please pm me.

  8. well i tried it. i think things look right? like im going through my deviantart and things do look bigger. All my old profile pics look correct. the text is a little weird but i could probably get used to it gimp is still small as heckkk though hmmmm EDIT: I signed out and signed back in and now my gimp and chrome both sizes match and I believe they're correct! Stuff does seem a little off but I think I can live with that vs what I was living with before lol. Thank you
  9. @Alismora well my display settings says 1920x1080 but this website says Detailed information Your screen resolution: 1536x864 pixels This is a widescreen resolution. The aspect ratio is 16:9. Your browser's inner resolution: 1536x732 pixels I have an Acer Aspire E15
  10. When theyre both at 100% everything is super small (like my bookmarks and text and all that) but the icon looks fine on deviantart but in gimp its extremely small I can't barely see it. (btw 125% on display is my reccomended) idk how to adjust the display for gimp. im just going to take screenshots and hope it looks right to you even though they dont look right to me lol left images are from sta.sh and right are from gimp display 100% and chrome 100% : display 125% and chrome 100% : display 125% and chrome 80% : BTW: I know in gimp for certain that it is smaller than it's suppose to be! I know what 500x500 looks like and it's not as small as my gimp makes it look!
  11. So my default is at 125% I changed it to 100% and now the images look like they did in my gimp. BUT the images in gimp look even smaller now. With 100% my icons on DeviantArt look really clear now. Badges on IMVU webpage look clear now too. When I open IMVU client, the shop icons are smaller and my ones on DeviantArt are bigger. The icon in gimp always matches the icons in imvu client. At 125% they are both clear. Update: It's really odd. So what I've done is I'm putting scale and layout to 125% and I've zoomed out of chrome to 80% and now in gimp and in chrome they match and are the right size! (Idk if theyre the actual right size but they're clear now so I'm gonna roll with it) Also, profile pictures are the right size now too Icons in client, in gimp, and in chrome are all the same now. Thank you so much btw. I didn't think to just zoom out lol. So my 80% is your 100%? I just wanna make sure we're both seeing things the same and clearly lol
  12. Thanks for replying. Yes, I've tried it. Here, DeviantArt, Photobucket. No matter where I upload it, it's bigger. It's 100% something with the editing softwares or my computer. It's been like this since I got this new laptop. My old laptop was fine but I had to get this new one because that old one couldn't even open the start menu without 10 minute delay. Very slow.
  13. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place or if gasr doesn't help with this type of thing and I've asked here before and nobody could help me lol. If this doesn't belong here, I'm sorry. I'm just getting desperate for help because this is very frusturating. Basically, my problem is that when I'm editing a project in gimp (or photoshop, any program) they appear smaller than they are. But, after I save them as a png or whatever file, they grow to the "correct" size and I think they look blurry afterwards. I tried to screenshot my problem but after I saved the screenshot, it of course also grew!! But you can tell what I'm seeing, right? The left image is larger than the right but they are the same demensions. (The left is from photos and the right is in Gimp.) It's very frusturating. Idk if it's because I have a "gaming laptop" so theres something wrong there or what but it's been like this since I got this new laptop. I don't really know computers myself. Some words Idk what mean but I'm thinking could be the problem? Resolution. Graphics card. I kinda feel like I'm speaking a foreign language here lmao I probably look so dumb. I just wanna make my icons and pixel my pixels correctly LOL
  14. I don't get it. We can't link multiple shops in this version of gasr?

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