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  1. I want to Draw: kpop OC and/or Lotus Example of your Art: Condition and terms: tbh just dont ask me "every 10min" when ill finish it and were gud Final Price/ Price Ranges: dp - 15USD bust up - 20USD halfbody - 28USD full body - 35USD Paypal Link: ( This is optional )
  2. helo!! id love to draw jess and/or akumu examples: price: DP 15usd Bust 20usd Half body 28usd Full body 35usd
  3. henlo! Examples of work: ig Prices: dp - 15usd bust 20usd Additional information: -
  4. happy lunar new year boiz
  5. a friendly reminder that i have an art ig where i post more stuff than i do on here!


  6. Citrus


    @Gerudo aHH THANK U!
  7. Citrus


    >lazy ugly sketch... sis i WISH my lazy sketches looked like tht
  8. *slides in* examples: prices: DP (160x220) - 15usd bust up - 20usd
  9. Citrus

    Amy - bday gift

    AAAh THANK U means a lot hehe

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