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  1. Citrus

    photostudy (???)

    drawn for a friend hehe
  2. Citrus

    Show off your latest creation! (v2)

    special thx to my friend for lettin me use a pic of her n actually do not a bad job with portrayin her features
  3. when u lowkey forget u exist on gasr 

  4. Citrus

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Drawing Event

    mixed some art nouveau with my style nd this came out inspo used btw its my OC Charlie, hes a bisexual baby (hence the bg)
  5. Citrus

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Pride Event

    happy pride month babies!!!
  6. Citrus

    late night

    id like to thank myself but also myself for finishing this
  7. Citrus

    plant grill.PNG

    aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAH im in love
  8. Citrus

    Work In Progress

    im so excited for this piece i csnt even
  9. Citrus


  10. Citrus

    Work In Progress

    this time i went for a simpler landscape but its still takin me 2834093 yrs bc im 2lazy to do those stones
  11. Citrus

    Work In Progress

  12. Citrus

    ♡ Draw my babs!! ♡ (PayPal)

    hi!! id love to draw haruka and/or sora examples: prices: dp - 15usd bust - 20usd half body - 25usd fullbody - 30usd
  13. hobi>citrus

    1. JunoNothing


      (Love your new DP. 💕)

  14. Citrus

    Work In Progress

  15. updated my social info, go follow me im cool af :iperfect:

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