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149 Fair


About KinkyCurse

  • Birthday 05/29/1984


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    Wε'яε Aℓℓ Mαⅾ Hεяε!
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  1. KinkyCurse

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Pride Event

    Happy Pride Month!
  2. KinkyCurse

    Primadonna [0 DP AVAILABLE]

    OMG!! Jordyn is sooooo adrobs really wish it was my payday 😞
  3. KinkyCurse

    (0) | † 666 AVENUE † |

    Oh my gosh! Lavender -cries- why cant it be my payday. She is so beautiful
  4. KinkyCurse

    Primadonna [0 DP AVAILABLE]

    Jade is stunning! Wish it was my payday I would so snatch her up ♥
  5. KinkyCurse

    ☆ wasted times ♡ [2] ♡ 1 NEW ♡

    @Lunna Will I have to fill out another form hun after the time is up?
  6. KinkyCurse

    Primadonna [0 DP AVAILABLE]

    @Lunna Aww thank you lovely! I'm going out for bday drinks now with friends and family ♥
  7. KinkyCurse

    Primadonna [0 DP AVAILABLE]

    @fallenhalo Payment sent hun I hope I did it right! ♥
  8. KinkyCurse

    Primadonna [0 DP AVAILABLE]

    If it's still available Text(s): Kinky with watermark Kinky Premade Name/Number: Danielle Price: $47 Did you read the "Rules for Purchasing Premades": Yes Ghost
  9. KinkyCurse

    ☆ wasted times ♡ [2] ♡ 1 NEW ♡

    Noooooo i missed her! She is absolutely stunning.. congrats @sarah1818 for snaggin this beaut up! But just incase this becomes available again ♡ Premade nr: 113 ♡ Text: Kinky and one with Vamparella ♡ Watermark (yes/no): yes ♡ (If yes) Watermark text: Same as texts ♡ Paypal email: kinkycurse@gmail.com ♡ Extra: It's perfect!!
  10. Happy birthday lovely! ❤️ 

    1. KinkyCurse


      Aww thank you lovely! ❤️

  11. @KataraKnight Hey hun you said you sent them but I haven't received them in my inbox? Just thought I would let you know ♥
  12. @KataraKnight They turned out so perfect! I love them huni thank you so much. Payment has been sent lovely ♥
  13. @KataraKnight Style: B M/F: F Theme: OC/Ref: XX Text(s): Kinky with watermark KinkyCurse Price: $6 Music: ♥ Style: B M/F: F Theme: Can you make the rings silver instead of gold if you use one of the screenies that the fingers are visible. 🙂 OC/Ref: XX Text(s): Kinky with watermark KinkyCurse Price: $6 Music: ♥
  14. @KataraKnight Payment sent lovely ♥
  15. @KataraKnight OMGGG love them both will send payment once i get home from takin the kids to school ♥

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