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  • Birthday 06/17/1992

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  1. Jojoya

    goal bowl | open

    Love ittt! But please add the glasses if possible!
  2. Jojoya

    ✧♥HEYO SHOP OPEN!✧♥ <3/5 FULL><1/2 BRIBE>

    ✧ TEXT: Jojoya TYPE OF ORDER: Full color DP REFERENCES: general look (skin color, brown eyes, hairstyle) but this haircolor, black glasses , hoodie, posebut expr - with her left hand (pose ref on the neck) could she be doing this sign? I know its bad quality but it's basically a peace sign crooked to represent fangs of a snake if that makes sense? NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: 1 BACKGROUND (Y/N): something like this PRICE: 16$
  3. Jojoya

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    I'm sorry its giving you so much trouble If the shaved side like this: http://prntscr.com/jjdcbb is easier for you I'm okay with it too And for the pose you could do something like this: https://data.whicdn.com/images/312483525/large.png then? Like her body in front view but her head facing kinda sideways with a pouty expression and then the animation as mentioned in my form? I hope it's easier!
  4. Jojoya

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    If you want you can do the experimental one first? I don't mind switching them <:
  5. Jojoya

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    Thank youuu Payment sent! http://prntscr.com/jibabe
  6. Jojoya

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    @AkiraSama Of course! Have your fun with it. I'll add my order once I'm home *What I want: Experimental thingy pls *Name On Dp: Jojoya *Who it is: x x - ignore the expression and pet in the folder *Personality/Expression/Emotion: pose+expr (closed mouth) *Extra: okay so I dunno about what kind of animations you're willing to do so I'll leave it up to you if you feel like it: could she be looking away at first (like pose ref) and then look at the viewer and blush? Like she just noticed she's being stared at Price: 26$
  7. Jojoya

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    I'd love to order one of those if you let me?
  8. Jojoya

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    That is so pretty! I caint wait to see more of it!
  9. Jojoya

    goal bowl | open

    order for u Type: Colored + simple bg Text: Josie refs: her (light grey tshirt instead of white) but this haircolor, black glasses details: pose and expr but showing a middlefinger isntead extra: could the bg be a wine red or bordeaux or whatever that color is called pls total: 7$
  10. Jojoya

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    @AkiraSama Thank youuu. If it should be too difficult or something lemme know and I'll choose a different animation Payment sent: http://prntscr.com/jh845y
  11. Jojoya

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    *What I want: Single Anime Pixel *Name On Dp: Jojoya *Who it is: xx BUT this hairstyle!, flowers stay in her hair! *Personality/Expression/Emotion: pose but turn her body a bit more to the front like this (so you see more of her face/body than just the side), blushed cheeks *Extra: pecking animation - pecking the top of her octopus' head, looking down at it and maybe a floating heart inbetween them? (non animated), I'll leave the bg up to you - maybe something flowery? Price: 28$ (I think?) + 5$ bribe = 33$
  12. Jojoya

    ✧DURIAN MILKSHAKE✧ | OPEN [1/3 Slots]

    Yesss perfect!
  13. Jojoya

    ✧DURIAN MILKSHAKE✧ | OPEN [1/3 Slots]

    Looks great!!
  14. Jojoya

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    Could you do a kiss/peck animation like this?
  15. Jojoya

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    Yes better! Thank youuu

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