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  1. DP & ILLUSTRATIONS ● ● SLOTS (1 / 1 - FULL)

    I'm so broke ughhh Damn you and your timing
  2. Blorbz - [Art Shop] 6/6 [REG FULL] 0/2 [BRIBE OPEN]

    Okay, thanks! I'll change the price on my form Payment sent! http://prntscr.com/ici6j0
  3. Blorbz - [Art Shop] 6/6 [REG FULL] 0/2 [BRIBE OPEN]

    Would it be possible to get the cartoon one with clean lines like the non-pixel anime style? I think someone asked that before. Is that a different price? *What I want: Single Cartoon (with clean lines) *Name On Dp: Jojoya *Who it is: x x - fangs+braces (upper teeth only) *Personality/Expression/Emotion: basically a little b*tch, doesn't like to listen to anyone, really stubborn and hot blooded - expr + showing her teeth but in a snarl kind of way and no smile *Extra: give her some darkish and creepy kind of background. Up to you! Price: 15$ New Order *What I want: Single Cartoon *Name On Dp: Jojoya *Who it is: Oliv - prepare for terrible, terrible quality lmao *Personality/Expression/Emotion: she grew up being an outsider with no parents nor tribe (the one that raised her barely tolerated her), her only friend her dragon Fye. She doesn't really think highly about humans and only cares about her girl. *Extra: pose (I'll leave it up to you how much of the head you wanna show) but give her a happy and loving expression, pressing her face against the snout of the dragon, size - height difference Price: 15$ - I'd like to "remove" the cleaner lines and leave the 3$ for the dragon instead if possible.
  4. BEATS by Music - [CUSTOMS] - PYP - [OPEN]

    @MusicIzAwzomerz holy moly. That really does look badass af! I love it omfg. The snakes are amazing! Thank you so much Payment! http://prntscr.com/iag86x
  5. [x] Cold Hands| [3/5] | I need your money |

    Sorry, I'm gonna cancel my order.
  6. UHHHHHHHH | 2/5 | pu grit, jojoya

    How dare you
  7. UHHHHHHHH | 2/5 | pu grit, jojoya

    I'm sure if you put some more love in it, people would buy DPs like that
  8. UHHHHHHHH | 2/5 | pu grit, jojoya

    Is this a prank?
  9. UHHHHHHHH | 2/5 | pu grit, jojoya

    If I didn't know your current style, I'd order something like that for sure. I love your general sketchy style But your current one is just
  10. UHHHHHHHH | 2/5 | pu grit, jojoya

    LMAO yeah I think it was one of the very first hahaha
  11. BEATS by Music - [CUSTOMS] - PYP - [OPEN]

    :OH LETS BREAK IT DOWN: Text: Jojoya Screens: x o x Refs: hair etc Extra: -
  12. UHHHHHHHH | 2/5 | pu grit, jojoya

    I dunno what you want you did a really good job! I love it. Thank you Bonchan Payment http://prntscr.com/i831v4
  13. UHHHHHHHH | 2/5 | pu grit, jojoya

    I updated my form a bit and cleaned it. Maybe now its not as much of a pain in the ass as before
  14. UHHHHHHHH | 2/5 | pu grit, jojoya

    Come at me. Thank you I believer in you

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