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  1. @Hiroki @Nikki Thank you 😘 I'll be waiting! XD 😆
  2. Hi! I need your help ;; I'm moving out next month and I'm short of money D: I'm kinda ashamed of myself because of that 😖 I need around 150$ and I have to get them asap. I can't borrow them from my parents, feel bad about borrowing them from anyone else and I'm still looking for job ;; Every kind of help is appreciated! STYLE - Anime headshot Base price - 20$ Complicated (lots of details) + 2-5$ STYLE - Anime halfbody Base price - 30$ Complicated (lots of details) + 2-5$ STYLE - Anime fullbody Base price - 40$ Complicated (lots of details) + 2-5$ STYLE - Pixel Base price - 30$ Complicated (lots of details) + 2-5$ (this one can be sold as premade) STYLE - Chibi icon Base price - 7$ Complicated (lots of details) + 1-2$ can come in DP version STYLE - Chibi Base price - 12-18 $ Complicated (lots of details) + 2-5$ STYLE - ko-fi sketch Base price - 6-9$ my ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/vasirii required: Character name(s): Commission type: Reference/s: Paypal email: (if you choosed paypal payment) optional: Character personality: Pose: Others: TERM OF SERVICE
  3. vasirii

    post some quotes

    "I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won't remember them all, so I put them all together into one... I'd like to spend more time with you."
  4. I love to sleep or just sit on the floor, even if bed is next to me
  5. vasirii


    hello Im Vas, 23yo. i try to be artist, still looking for my place in social media. i found gasr while looking some place to share my art and make commissions.
  6. vasirii


    i spent a lot of time playing mmo like blade and soul also im big fan of final fantasy games

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