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  1. Seeking sketches

    id love to try, not sure if u want coloured sketch or just a b&w sketch and how messy but id probably do like $10 bust, $13 half bod. $16 full bod for no colour and add +$2 to those prices for colour my da examples da sketchy stuff +id honestly draw any of them, if i must pick then it depends on what kind of sketch u want and the size so i can judge better
  2. please let me try! oc(s) you wanna do: lily or koume (preferably lily) samples of art: x Prices: $14 bust, $16 thigh up, $19 full bod Animations: yes on the dp versions Extra: just wanted to point out in koume''s outfit 1 refs that she has no bottoms ref, like pants etc

    hehe im so exciteddddd
  4. Draw the person above you!

    claim @Khali here ya go @Paige OMG I LOVE ITTT! thank u so much, u even put the border thingy BLESS
  5. happy lunar new year!!
  6. Draw the person above you!

    claim tried to do a big art with a dp ratio instead of just doing it on 160x220 for once @Reine hope u like @ERROR404 I ALRDY SAID IT ON DISCORD BUT I LOVE THIS SM THANK U <33
  7. update! idk if u resent it or what not but it arrived LOL, and i paid! proof <33333 looking forward to it!
  8. New GASR Moderators

  9. Looking For Artists

    hi hi, pm me and let me know whats up!!
  10. hey bub hows dis i can still change some things! if everythings gucci then 14usd to this link here https://paypal.me/amygasr remember to tick no shipping address aswell! will send this+dp crop after payment is sent
  11. is this better? i finished the hair, not sure what u mean by defined eyebrows unless u want them 100% straight but that wouldnt be realistic and it might look weird, i can do it anyway tho?
  12. last wip, any changes? u can ask for changes at the end too so dw
  13. hey hun just wanna let u know i didnt get the invoice, maybe cancel that one and try again? i double checked and the email was correct...so i guess its paypals fault

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