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  1. We raised $950 in our first charity auction!

    Amazing! I'm really looking forward to more charity events in the future. A special thank you to everyone involved in setting this up for us!
  2. New GASR Moderators!!!

  3. [Poll] Keep shops together or separate?

    Not to be redundant, but when I first read this and voted, I had voted against separation and I was really nervous about it (again, I'm open about being someone who adjusts slowly to change). I was confused about what precisely would be separated and visually it become cluttered in my mind, but with Chelly's tree branch diagram, I think a lot of it fell into place for me. I also greatly appreciated the examples of each medium she included because it provided me with further clarity about what each category would include, which had been part of my initial confusion that caused me to vote against separation (I'd provide an example of how I was confused, but I don't want to risk confusing others by doing so and I think it's been clarified very well at this point). I also think Hope's idea is really cool as well. It provides users the ability to listlessly browse through shops (which I know I do a lot) and finding things they may not know they wanted and then provides them with the ability to go into that category to find more things like that should they chose! This brings me to Cain's point, which so concisely put into words why I think this is a great idea and an important one. I'm not an artist, well at least not one who displays or sells her work anyway, but when I place myself in the mind set of someone who might one day sell my work on GASR this begins to mean something more to me. For example, let's say I make mugs and I am looking for an established community to sell my mugs and I stumble upon GASR. It would really say a lot to me to be able to easily find and see a "Physical Goods" sub-topic. That to me immediately says "Oh, good! There's a market here for what I want to sell" and that my medium of choice is respected and taken seriously by this community. I can also then immediately go into that sub-topic to view my competitive market for mugs, which helps me decide my pricing and if mugs are even selling - maybe bowls are the hot thing now, but because of this new organizational system I can see that easily without having to go through pixel shops and 3D files which are irrelevant to me as a mug/bowl maker. Additionally, in this same example, as a consumer, maybe I want to buy my usual digital art, but my friend loves art - she doesn't get the digital thing. So, I think to myself "she'd like a homemade mug for her birthday". For me to then be able to navigate and tab between those two respective market areas would make my life much easier. And I can't tell you how many times I've seen our artists post something so beautiful that I think "Gosh, I'd love to have that as a print to hang on my wall." Well, now that has it's own area on the forum so I can go looking for prints that I can hang on my wall without stumbling through pages of bitmaps and graphic edits. To be frank, once I understood all of this, I became excited for the separation! I'm really impressed by the level of organization this offers and how it will highlight our expansion beyond our popular digital medium (which will still be here, ya'll), and I think for those still confused it will make a lot more sense once the change is implemented and we can see/experience it for ourselves. I find that often times that hands on ability to play with something new helps me understand it better. I hope this provided helpful feedback for other users and staff. Best of luck to all the emerging artists who are gonna have a chance to shine under this new organization. I'll be watching (probably for mugs and prints if you couldn't tell)
  4. ecardub0bf7_13926.jpg

    :gettingaway: We did it baby girl! Soo proud of us.  :eue:

    1. Cymette


      I got so excited when I saw your form got up in time (and then I realized I needed to stop reading it and scroll faster for I could get mine up too, heehe)! I love your display picture too. Is that custom you got from Capsule in the last auction? What a dream she is; you make some of the prettiest orders! :blush: I've been saving up slowly in hopes I can win an auction and one day get a custom for my little snake babe too. I'm really gonna have to fill up my piggy bank, but I won't give up!:bgoodjob:

    2. Moan


      Yess BBG it is my custom from the auction! Girly i was soo soo soo excited to post my form. Legit have been stalking for days since i know i missed the two other times to post a form.  I'm gonna have to create a whole new OC just in case she ends up opening up the slots again after us. Heh. I'm super addicted to getting art from @Capsule & @Sorcelly . Those two ladies are my two TOP picks when it comes to getting a custom done. They always seem to impress me whether it's my request or someone else's order. Couldn't be happier that you were able to snag a slot as well. I love the other custom she just did for you. I feel as if you & i tend to have similar taste when it comes to who we order from and the OC itself. i love it. :fartsies:

  5. January 2018 Updates & Information

    Actually on the subject of emotes, would a surprise react option be a possibility?
  6. A little birdie told me it was your birthday! I hope you enjoy this song from me to you! :byaslove:


    1. VEITY


      Thank You Cyme ♡♡

  7. GASR is on Tapatalk!

    I've been trying Tapatalk over the past few days, and I have to say I'm really impressed. I've been using it mostly for notifications of new posts and it's working really well! My notifications are organized and the app wasn't difficult to figure out at all. Thank you to everyone who put in all the work to make this an option for all of us!
  8. Email Update

    I noticed that I was no longer receiving e-mail notifications over the course of yesterday evening, which I attributed to part of the notification system's maintenance. The notifications I used were for a new post in a topic I follow and for when I received a PM. I am disappointed to know that this feature will be lost. I can only speak for myself, but I personally loved and used the e-mail notification system regularly. While I do usually have GASR open anytime I have my laptop open, I found that the e-mail notifications not only came in more quickly but were also more reliable. On one occasion, I did contact staff regarding issues with my GASR notifications and the only way I received notifications at all during that time was through the e-mail system. While the issue I was having did eventually resolve itself, I have still experienced some bugs with the notifications on GASR so I have primarily been relying on my e-mail notifications. I hope and I trust that these issues were addressed during maintenance, but I am apprehensive moving forward with the change to the e-mail settings (that said I'll also openly admit that I'm someone resistant to change). I do understand how that amount of e-mails could be a huge drain on resources (as much as a non-tech person can), so I'll trust the staff's decision to discontinue these notifications settings.
  9. hi hru this is me testing ur notifications, anything good yet?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Luxor


      clear your cache/cookies and retry, im not sure why else you would be having this issue :(

    3. Cymette


      I cleared my cache & cookies maybe ten minutes ago, but I'll try again. Fervent said another mod had his settings similar to mine and had the same issue, but that it sort of fixed itself. Fingers crossed it does for me too. :c

    4. Cymette


      I cleared them again for the whole week. The notifications worked up until Saturday when I turned my email notifications off and then back on so hopefully clearing the week covers whatever might have gone wrong.

  10. Hey GASR, let's talk...

    Would it be okay PM you or another staff member about it rather than posting about it here? I tried to not be too specific because I didn't want to cause any further problems or hullabaloo.
  11. Hey GASR, let's talk...

    I usually remain relatively quiet online, whether in forums or chatrooms, but the new GASR and the effort made by all staff to make members feel included in the dialogue has meant to a lot. I know how difficult it can be to admin or mod forums - a lot of times you end up in the catch 22/22 that's been mentioned. You have to be consistent and formal enough to appear professional and fair, but a lot of times that can come at the cost of relating to your forum peers as an equal. I've been there and it's really frustrating to be demonized for moderating, but then failing to have the respect of peers when trying to be more casual. I think this forum is a great way to bring attention to the fact that our mods are GASRians just like us! ♡ I also want to offer my endless thanks to them for doing all of this voluntarily. The only feedback I could offer may come as an unpopular opinion, so while I have some anxieties voicing it I do want to voice it because this community is important to me. It's my understanding the GASR and the discord are somewhat separate entities, yet still connected, so I'm hoping this is appropriate to post here? The concern that I have had is seeing screenshots of users who have had infractions posted with the username available on discord. Without going into specifics (because I don't feel this is the place for that), my only suggestion going forward is that conversations with staff & members be kept confidential, regardless of the context, by at the very least blacking out the name and avatar. I understand that among staff this probably isn't a relevant suggestion, but when staff posts screenshots where the general public can see it. It made me personally uncomfortable 1) because of potential harassment that member could face and 2) confidentiality helps me, and possibly other members, feel more comfortable coming to staff. If I feel like my interactions may have a screenshot taken and shown publicly, then I feel less inclined to interact overall but I am also shy aye-eff, hueee. honest very nervous mentioning that >.<;; Aside from that, I want to say that I really love the new GASR. I stopped using the old one for a long time and since joining the new forum, I feel it's a far more positive atmosphere and I really enjoy being online and interacting with everyone! c:
  12. Hey there and welcome to GASR!  If you ever need assistance, please don't hesitate to use the options sent to you via PM!  The current staff list can be found here.   :byaslove:


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