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  1. A WIP for @XIov! Once again, everyone, I'm super sorry for the slow progress. Art blocks just come crashing in. It's a pain in my ---
  2. Apologies for the slow progress! @SugarTyts, @XIov, @Pains and @puzi! I've been taking a few days break to get some peace of mind, though I'll be continuing again soon!
  3. Accepted! Also, closing this shop for now until I finish some or all of my current orders! Otherwise it will get too overwhelming for me.
  4. This shop is only for screenies! However, you could send me those refs in PM and I'll see if I can draw it for you from scratch if you're interested?
  5. @Asmodieus & @XIov: Both accepted. Thank you!
  6. Hello there! Accepted! I will try my best to draw the cat but I can't promise it'll work out well. I will send you a WIP of the sketch soon!
  7. PYOC premade available! Name: PYOC #1 Price: 7 EURO. Notice: It is allowed if you want some accessories added in! This piece will be fully colored and shaded, just like the other premades! If you want to buy this premade, please fill in the PYOC form.
  8. New premade available! Name premade: Grin Price premade: 3 EURO
  9. New premade available! Name premade: Catlady! Price: 6 EURO
  10. New premade up! Name: Cherry! Price: 6 EURO Includes: Two versions. One with and one without hearts.

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