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Graphic Arts Services & Requests
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  1. Mal's Premade Art

    Yea no problem I just wokeup sorry, I will send when the live chat opens in 30 mins -.- because it wont allow me to transfer any more then I will provide proof :) And here you go : http://prntscr.com/iuaul7 http://prntscr.com/iub0pv I could only send half the payment from my used account for now because imvu wouldnt allow me to send it in full -.- So I sent the other 5k from my alt account. (Snobs and Humpies) I hope that's okay.
  2. Mal's Premade Art

    OKAY i am coming in to swoop up paying for Pedals dp for her ♥ Cause shes a butt and i love her So I would be paying if thats alright :) premade: Smile Name: Pedal Price: 10k
  3. Mal's Premade Art

    Hello! I was just wondering can you do slight changes on premades, like hair/ so forth? :)
  4. Dis Shop (3)

    Here you are lovely http://prntscr.com/io23ff http://prntscr.com/io249u
  5. LOOKING FOR: Someone to make a shop icon/banner

    OH SHOOT I am so sorry! I didn't even see the notification for your reply -.- And yes please, may I be able to get the bundle? The icon and banner if that's okay :)
  6. Dis Shop (3)

    Premade: collab piece Text: Snobs Extra: N/A Price: 12$ I am just about to head to sleep, so if accepted I will send $ as soon as I wakeup! :) I saw her and was like OML she's gorgeous
  7. ▲ C I P H E R ▲ ┊ art shop | OPEN

    [b][color=#ff3300]☉ C I P H E R ☉[/color][/b] ☼BUST/MIDWAIST chimichanga ☼theme: Grunge smoker ☼hairstyle/hair colour: http://prntscr.com/imiv2t ☼eyes: Big brown doe eyes with long lashes ☼clothing: http://prntscr.com/imix02 But may she be more busty, with maybe the shirt unbuttoned showing some chest ☼accessories (if any): Septum Piercing ☼extra (freckles, beautymarks, tattoos, etc...): Freckles, cigarette (Pose) http://prntscr.com/imiy99 ☼text: Sarah ☼paying with: Paypal
  8. Hello everyone! I am looking for someone to make me a new shop icon and banner! Will have to be paid in IMVU credits, and I am not looking to break the bank with cost. Here is a screen shot of my old shop banner and old icon for shop. Both of them are animated, which i would like with my new ones as well. I would like something thats gender fluid (meaning something thats not overly girly which i can then use also when making male products) Thanks in advance :)
  9. ☾ Sanctuary ☾ | (0)

    Red! maybe would look nice
  10. The Collaboration [1] NEW

    Premade: 016 Text: Snobs Changes: (if possible - will cost extra) Total Price: 16k Suggestions: Hippies
  11. whispers road

    Premade: Showsomestyle Name: Snobs Extra? N/A Price: $13 Ideias? A hippie would be a cute idea, < flower headbands
  12. g r o t t o |Goal Shop.

    Here you are sorry I was sleeping ! lol http://prntscr.com/ifkge5
  13. g r o t t o |Goal Shop.

    Premade: 013 Text: Snobs Total:$5
  14. ║▌║█║▌│║▌║▌█ [POLL]

    All sent http://prntscr.com/ieucis
  15. ║▌║█║▌│║▌║▌█ [POLL]

    It's prefect but are you able to change the names? To just snobs and humpies on it And how much would it be in credits I will send right away :)

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