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  1. sarah1818

    Heebiejeebies Premades!(1) SALE

    Premade Name: Raven Watermark Text: Snobs Changes/Extra’s?:N/A she's perf Total Price:$16
  2. sarah1818

    From the Void [0]

    Ahh she's a babe, babe♥ hella good job on her, and yes more animated ones!
  3. sarah1818

    From the Void [0]

    Ahh my GAWD BABES shes gorgeous♥
  4.  O R D E R U P # Premade - Dreaming # Text - Snobs # Price - $6 # Ordering for yourself? - Yes # Extra? - N/A
  5. sarah1818

    ☆ NÓS2 ♡ [3] ♡ 2 NEW ♡

    I am just heading to sleep though, I got a very sick little boy on my hands.. so I need much sleep lol. So I will send payment in the AM ASAP if thats okay with you♥
  6. sarah1818

    ☆ NÓS2 ♡ [3] ♡ 2 NEW ♡

    ♡ Premade nr: 113 ♡ Text: Sarah ♡ Watermark (yes/no): yes ♡ (If yes) Watermark text: Snobs ♡ Paypal email: sarahmcm18@outlook.com ♡ Extra:
  7. Premade Name: Daddy's Text: Snobs Extra: Is it possible to change her hair colour? (Black) and her eyebrows to match, if not ill still take her 🙂 Price:$15
  8. sarah1818

    From the Void [0]

    No problem! here you go http://prntscr.com/jlcdls
  9. sarah1818

    From the Void [0]

    OH MY GOD HII BBY♥ Premade: Demons annoying me Text: Asstrologist Price: 10.00 Extra: hope its okay to be ordering for a friend♥
  10. sarah1818

    To hell and back [1/2]

    Don't ever feel bad for thinking of your life first! People have to understand that life comes first... sometimes and people get busy and it just happens. Not much you can do about it. And of course! Can't wait ♥
  11. sarah1818

    To hell and back [1/2]

    I HAVENT FORGOT ABOUT YOU LOVE. I've just been here and there with my broke butt.. 😧 But that's a total bummer love, but we will all still be here waiting for your return when you're fully able to art again! Plus most likely religiously stalking your posts for you premades.
  12. O R D E R U P # Premade - Purp #009 # Text - Snobs # Price - 40k # Ordering for yourself? - yes # Extra? - N/a
  13. sarah1818


    Would you accept credits for Frecks and if so what would you accept? I actually really like that style!
  14. sarah1818


    Yea no problem I just wokeup sorry, I will send when the live chat opens in 30 mins -.- because it wont allow me to transfer any more then I will provide proof :) And here you go : http://prntscr.com/iuaul7 http://prntscr.com/iub0pv I could only send half the payment from my used account for now because imvu wouldnt allow me to send it in full -.- So I sent the other 5k from my alt account. (Snobs and Humpies) I hope that's okay.
  15. sarah1818


    OKAY i am coming in to swoop up paying for Pedals dp for her ♥ Cause shes a butt and i love her So I would be paying if thats alright :) premade: Smile Name: Pedal Price: 10k

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