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  1. sarah1818

    The Collaboration 1 NEW

    For Kneck Premade:047 Text: Snobs Changes: (if possible - will cost extra) Couldn't see any offered so i am assuming none offered :) so N/A Total Price: 8$ Suggestions:Hippies.
  2. sarah1818

    Ballerina's Shop.

    Here you are! http://prntscr.com/koagj9
  3. sarah1818

    Ballerina's Shop.

    Ooof, she's looking amazing I love her. And nope she's prefect
  4. sarah1818

    Ballerina's Shop.

    Oml she's gorgeous so far! I cant even read it either myself LOL i tried to zoom in as my avi as well to see and couldn't make sense of it. Would you by able to put it as 'crybaby'?
  5. sarah1818

    F A U N A {8} | accepting credits

    premade 042 please! main text: Sarah watermark text (must be imvu/gasr name): Snobs background: Your choice hair color: Black (000000) skin color: (D17056) Just slightly tan? eye color: (361209) lip color: (630000) collar color: (000000) heart charm color: (8C8282) Silver Extras: may you add a septum piercing? I apologize if i didnt do the color part correct, i was not sure if you wanted the #Numbers linked or. So feel free to correct me and ask if they arent correct lol And will be paid in credits if thats okay :) And FIG
  6. sarah1818

    Ballerina's Shop.

    @Ballerina Oh shoot I'm sorry I didn't even think of that, my mistake But yes that's fine totally fine :)
  7. sarah1818

    Ballerina's Shop.

    screenie(s): http://userimages-akm.imvu.com/userdata/13/63/00/80/userpics/Snap_5WPWd39CQm1042469344.png Extras: N/A Special Requests?: Text: Snobs Background color(s): Your choice :) I saw how my bby @PedaI was so i couldn't resist Theres only one screenie, with quite a few accessories. If youd like another just ask
  8. sarah1818


    No worries at all! Here you are :) http://prntscr.com/kjkl4e
  9. sarah1818

    .:C O L O U R C H R O M E:. [4] NEW "Shade"

    Just wondering if you would be willing to accept credits for Beauty ?
  10. sarah1818


    premade #:3 text: Snobs add ons?: N/A total: 5k
  11. sarah1818

    From the Void [1]

    Ahh she's a babe, babe♥ hella good job on her, and yes more animated ones!
  12. sarah1818

    From the Void [1]

    Ahh my GAWD BABES shes gorgeous♥
  13. sarah1818

    .:C O L O U R C H R O M E:. [4] NEW "Shade"

     O R D E R U P # Premade - Dreaming # Text - Snobs # Price - $6 # Ordering for yourself? - Yes # Extra? - N/A
  14. sarah1818

    ☆ Baby's On Fire ♡ [0] ♡ ☆

    I am just heading to sleep though, I got a very sick little boy on my hands.. so I need much sleep lol. So I will send payment in the AM ASAP if thats okay with you♥
  15. sarah1818

    ☆ Baby's On Fire ♡ [0] ♡ ☆

    ♡ Premade nr: 113 ♡ Text: Sarah ♡ Watermark (yes/no): yes ♡ (If yes) Watermark text: Snobs ♡ Paypal email: sarahmcm18@outlook.com ♡ Extra:

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