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Welcome Darklings!


I'm a pretty spoken person with odd interests so don't be shy.

Usually I obsess over someone who I think is great especially in art.

What I mostly spend doing when i'm on GASR is stalking others.


On IMVU I run a room with my best friend and she is truly a half of me. 

I can be found there under the same name.

Come hang out with us!


Outside of those communities I'm a big gamer, book worm, and tattoo addict. 

I so far have 12 tattoos and want many more.

My current game of choice is Sims 4!



Bat's - Different Goth Cultures - Scissors - Old Kettles - Corsets - Long Hair on Boys - Evening Walks - Cheetos - Harry Potter- Jeffree Star


Static - Bra's that clasp in the front - Confusion - People who say umm a lot - Rap Music - The Walking Dead (fight me)





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