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  1. kanan

    nicopuri [1pre] //half off until ?????

    @iiHarlu sor ry for delay
  2. kanan

    nicopuri [1pre] //half off until ?????

    you can send paymentt - @Kuri @Pains @Zheodist added you guys to the waiting list - //wl is now full so pls no more / - will have iiharlu's dps posted either later tonight or early morning~
  3. kanan

    nicopuri [1pre] //half off until ?????

    yupyup - @deardarleng
  4. kanan

    nicopuri [1pre] //half off until ?????

    @Hayden @1998s yupyupp
  5. kanan

    nicopuri [1pre] //half off until ?????

    @deardarleng sorry fro such late reply omhg i added the changes, if this is fine then you can send payment @1998s sorry for the waitttttt! @Hayden - @iiHarlu @lSinny @Jinplix accepted
  6. kanan

    nicopuri [1pre] //half off until ?????

    yup yup @Hayden accepted yo and i'll be waitin @waifull
  7. kanan

    nicopuri [1pre] //half off until ?????

    oof sorry for wait animations will be added when i send dp's to you guys bc l a z y - @deardarleng tat's were a bit too much for me, so i didn't add them if that's fine w/ u?? @waifull yeah, you can do cr @China frogot to add the bells to the ears will add that in when i send it to u _______ @Snowfreek accepted @EmiSArakan accepted im doing 2 dp's of the same but in different poses right? @Remba i do 2 slots for waiting list
  8. kanan

    nicopuri [1pre] //half off until ?????

    here you go, sorry for the wait
  9. kanan

    nicopuri [1pre] //half off until ?????

    @Whew lmk if you want anything changed, if not you can send payment @dork didnt see a ref for bg so just did this for now, if you want it changed just lmk @waifull @China @1998s accepted
  10. kanan

    nicopuri [1pre] //half off until ?????

    @SPIDERWEBS @Britty @Jimin @Klndred @deardarleng accepted @Whew accepted is there a a certain outfit you want for them?? if not i'll just do a basic shirt lol
  11. kanan

    nicopuri [1pre] //half off until ?????

    yes, of course @SPIDERWEBS @Jimin ______ will have dorks posted later today
  12. kanan

    nicopuri [1pre] //half off until ?????

    @dork @SPIDERWEBS @Jimin accepted

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