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  1. ۩ Premade: Dethroned ۩ Text (would you like it watermarked, just regular text or both?): Valkorie / Regular Text ۩Changes (if any): Could I send the colors and changes in a PM. ۩Price: 35 ۩ Paypal/Email: (can pm) Will include in PM. ۩ Premade suggestions:
  2. • Commission type: Full Color / Bust • References: https://imgur.com/a/yDtvZSk • Pose: In Ref. • Paypal email: stellaliismursal123@gmail.com •Total Price: 55USD •Extra info: In Ref.
  3. @Bedlam I shall return for art one day.
  4. s i l v e r c r y s t a l Reference Images or Description: https://imgur.com/a/7h0jmzT Themes: Cutesy. -w- Pose Reference (not required) In refs. Your own choice love. Text?: Faniteh / Stella Extra Information: Go nuts.
  5. @nenasmint Maybe a little more white on the part on her waist, other than that, perfect. o3o
  6. @nenasmint Nope, pose is perfect. o3o No changes.
  7. ▪ References: https://imgur.com/a/Z2eRCLE ▪ Anything else I should know: Nope. ▪ Text on DP: Faniteh ▪ Paypal email: stellaliismursal123@gmail.com ▪ Final Price: 20$
  8. @Sabbu Payment has been sent love. I don't know if I need to send proof with invoice.
  9. @Sabbu Nope, it's perfect love. Will send payment as soon as I can.

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