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  1. Ϋ© Premο»Ώade: Dethroned Ϋ© Text (would you like it watermarked, just regular text or both?): Valkorie / Regular Text Ϋ©Changes (if any): Could I send the colors and changes in a PM. Ϋ©Price: 35 Ϋ© Paypal/Email: (can pm) Will include in PM.ο»Ώ Ϋ© Premade suggestions:
  2. Style: 1 β€’Type: Waist Up β€’References: https://imgur.com/a/CtXzkBC β€’Text: Stella β€’Watermark: Faniteh β€’Animation: Blinking please. β€’Extras: Everything should be in REF Link.
  3. β€’ Commission type: Full Color / Bust β€’ References: https://imgur.com/a/yDtvZSk β€’ Pose: In Ref. β€’ Paypal email: stellaliismursal123@gmail.com β€’Total Price: 55USD β€’Extra info: In Ref.
  4. @Y0UI PREMADE NAME: Aeshma ( Your usual style thank you. ) TEXT: Faniteh / Stella ( Don't know if you could give me 2 versions with both texts ;w; ) PAYPAL ADDRESS: stellaliismursal123@gmail.com her hair colour: Black her eyes colour: Golden skin colour: Red her outfit theme colour: Black/Red, details golden background: Something that fits the black/red/gold theme animation: Blinking.
  5. @Meylith Perfect!
  6. @Meylith Maybe change the background color to a light pink, the yellowish looks a tad off, other than that, good to go.
  7. @Meylith No changes.
  8. @Krovav I don't know how me paying through Paypal would be an issue if I've paid for a million other commissions with it when I'm in the EU and most people I've ordered from are in the US but if you feel like that's a problem then a refund is fine.
  9. @Krovav It had me pay 38.53 EU. Which would put my total after whatever fees Etsy has to a dumbass 77.06EUR, aka 87.05$ . It's literally taking like nearly 6.50 eu from me in taxes when if I payed through paypal I wouldn't need to pay more than 2 eu in fees. Would I be able to send you the second payment through Paypal? I don't quite feel like paying an extra 17USD because of Etsy and I've already borderline been robbed of 6.42EU if you did not receive that with the Etsy payment. https://gyazo.com/42ec198fc147c096cf3029d742b912fc I tried to make some sense of this retardation. xD No idea.
  10. @Meylith Perfect. Sending the rest as we speak. https://gyazo.com/b77dd2ff2a16792236ec8acabe7b7926
  11. @Krovav Payment has been sent. However. Since my current payment was 38.53 will my last payment be 23.44 due to the USD - EUR conversion. Since 70$ is 61.97EUR.
  12. @Meylith Could you bring her elbows down closer to her sides, looks a tad off. xwx Hair is perfect the way it is. https://gyazo.com/e332729ec101f655188020ce83a7d684 I've sent half the payment. I'm a complete derp, I somehow manager to mix this order with another one where I have to pay half after a sketch LMAO. If you need me to send the rest right away too then I will. xD

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