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  1. ᏂᏋᏝᎮ ᎷᏋ

    Look at you go! Improving so much!! Keep up the great job, hun!
  2. free from scratch/anime/chibi!

    Ahh, thank you so much! I hope you have fun drawing!
  3. free from scratch/anime/chibi!

    FORM: OCs/References: Babies Pose: ^ Animation (blinking/sparkle/blushing): Blinking or spakle. Size(DP/large): Up to you. Cut(bust up/shoulder up/waist up/neck up): Again, up to you, which ever you prefer. Text: Nova. Tips for me to improve: Uhm, I'm not really sure. QQ Im sorry. Extra?(A quick contact): Artisic freedom. I usually answer faster on Kik: @nova.bean Password: Angelface Thank you for considering!
  4. sketch practiiiiiiice, hmu!

    I got some new OC's in case you're interested, plus screenies!
  5. warm up

    Hello~ Text: Nova OC's: Babies. Extra: Artisic freedom. Thank you for considering.
  6. Hello~ Your art is so pretty. ;u; Text: Nova. Refs: (I'm so indecisive so I'll just throw them all out here for you to pick.) Boop. Thank you for considering! Good luck practicing!
  7. Make me some art!

    FORM: Refs/OCs: My babies. Detail: In refs Colour palette: Also in refs Addons: Just my name please; Nova. Background or none?: Up to you, I have background ideas and such in the folders of each OC. Extra: Artistic freedom! Thank you for considering. Good luck!
  8. free avipic here

    form: References: Boop. Text: Nova Extra: Artistic freedom~ Thank you for considering! And good luck practicing.
  9. Hey guys help me improve!

    Ooh, these are really nice~ Text: Nova. OC's/Refs: Boop. Extra: Artistic freedom, hun! Good luck with your shop. Thank you for considering.
  10. Form: Text: Nova. Reference: Eva Depending on what side you go with, each one has a screenies pack inside. ;u; If you don't like her tell me and I'll switch it out~ Thank you for considering. Good luck practicing!
  11. ♡+:。IN THE NAME OF THE MOON [OPEN!!!]。:+♡

    Ahh, my friend helped me find your shop again. Totally gonna throw all my money at you once I get it. Good luck with this one, hun!
  12. Pig Rabbit needs help~

    Form: -> OCs/Ref: Boop. -> Name: Nova. -> Pose (if not in stash): In refs. -> Extras(?)/Comments: Artisic freedom. Thank you for considering. Your artwork is amazing btw. Good luck, hun!
  13. 👑Primadonna Girl (OPEN; 2/4)👑

    Oof, that sounds extremely hard. I hope your mental health gets better and you ace those tests, hun! Good luck and take as much time as you need to feel better. Lots of love~

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