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P L A N T F R I E N D by King-Lulu-Deer                              forest_child_by_king_lulu_deer-dbvtylk.g


db6zojy-f2eb848f-5f33-4b93-8bf6-5bbf2863 About Me db6zlag-6de2ad0f-5cb9-42b0-80c1-43dd5c83




sprite_rip__leafy_sprouts_by_a_good_boy-                  Nova | 20 | Aquarius                  sprite_rip__leafy_sprouts_by_a_good_boy-


Hello, I'm your friendly neighborhood website lurker.

I'm rather shy, but friendly. I love making new friends

and talking about almost anything! So feel free to

message me about anything. Honestly, that's probably

the best way to make friends with me. Anywho!

My contact information is down below if you'd like to get

in touch with me. I'm always on discord, so I'll see

messages there faster!


db6zojy-f2eb848f-5f33-4b93-8bf6-5bbf2863 Contact me db6zlag-6de2ad0f-5cb9-42b0-80c1-43dd5c83

imvu_green_by_king_lulu_deer-dc5oac1.gif VolatiIe | Novellia

dscrd_green_by_king_lulu_deer-dc5oacz.gi sσlunα#0001

Table by Luxor

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