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IG: iocht 



" A lot of people get concerned with the matter of my spelling in relation to the word, Teeth- my username. It's because I had a toothache while drinking tea, with too much canderel whilst also trying to change my IMVU username, Rimeji. Hence the username, Teath. " -Me, 2:04AM




How ya lads, my name's Angel and I'm 17 years of age ♥ I live on the lovely island of Ireland and I rely on Abrakebabra and potatoes

to fuel me.


I like to make artwork alot, which I do both on digital and traditional mediums. For digital I like to use my handy dandy ACER Aspire F15 with an Intuos WACOM tablet; Pen and Touch in Medium on PAINT TOOL SAI. At the moment, I have one shop present of which is a custom shop and I usually add in a premade or two when I have some new ideas to share for you guys. Thank you for supporting me, I appreciate it big time. :klovee:


If there's anything you're concerned about in relation to me, please don't hesitate to ask! ♥ Muah.







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