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  1. free avipic here

    References: Morticia OC Text: Dessie Extra: If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thank you for considering!
  2. ᏂᏋᏝᎮ ᎷᏋ

    ❀ғᴏʀᴍ❀ σ¢/яєfѕ: Morticia OC вg ι∂єα: Just follow the OC. Shes a redhead goth badass. тєχт: Dessie ρσѕє: Hmm idk artistic freedom with that fαν fσσ∂: Pizza Thank you for considering
  3. Howling Ideas

    🐾 Howling for Ideas 🐾 🐺 Name: Dessie 🐺 Text on art: Dessie 🐺 OC/CHARACTER/SCREENIE: Morticia OC Screenies 🐕 Extra: I really would love you to bring my OC to life. I think she would go great with your style. She's a redheaded goth badass. Thank you for considering !
  4. Welcome to hell (Practice Dark, Horror, Fantasy)

    @Morti I love it thank you so much
  5. Free artsu UNLIMITED ~closed till i catch up~

    @Hund Oh wow she looks gorgeous so far! No changes I love her.
  6. Link's DP Practice Thread

    Text: Dessie OC: Morticia OC Screenies: click Extra: I love dark, goth, gore themes. Thank you for considering!
  7. Slithering's Free Shop.

    Text: Dessie Screenies/OC: Morticia OC Screenies Refs: Follow OC/ Screenies. What song are you into right now: ♥
  8. Digital Practice Shop

    Text: Dessie Refs/Ocs: Morticia OC Thank you for considering
  9. Acquiescence Customs - 2 / 5 slots

    Text: Dessie User: Dessie References:Screenies Morticia OC Other: 'Hell's growing hotter by the minute' Thank you for considering ! ♥
  10. Welcome to hell (Practice Dark, Horror, Fantasy)

    Name: Dessie Screenies: Click Extra: I love gore Thank you for considering
  11. Free artsu UNLIMITED ~closed till i catch up~

    Edited my form sorry for the confusion
  12. Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    Text: Dessie OC: Morticia OC Thank you for considering!
  13. 일각수 🌈 // Open

    I want a simple repaint! ❤ Screenshot (only one): Click ❤ Background colors: Purple and pink ❤ Text: Dessie ❤ Any extra animations?: Blinking if possible please Thank you for considering! ♥
  14. 백합 ❤ (12)

    Aww 074 is so my style wish i wasnt broke
  15. Free artsu UNLIMITED ~closed till i catch up~

    Hi! I wanna help you practice! Style: Anime Text: Dessie Oc's: Morticia OC Details: - Animation (y/n): yes tell me a bit about yourself/ your favorite music artist and why?:I'm Dessie, 21 and I'm from Pennsylvania but currently residing in Texas with my boyfriend. I love to play video games and listen to music in my spare time. My favorite music artist is Evanescence just because I love the style and Amy lees voice.

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