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  1. Dessie

    Ayy let's practice (TEMP)

    AHH SUCH PRETTY ART Ay Caramba Text: Dessie OC: Morticia Thank you for considering !
  2. Dessie

    The Witchery Arts - Practice

    Text: Dessie OC: Morticia Ref: ^ Screenshots: Click Anything else I should know? I hope you like my OC she is a goth/gorey babe. Ty for considering!
  3. Dessie

    purely traditional

    Artblock really sucks I hope my ocs help you out. Text: Dessie Ocs: Morticia Mira Thank you so much for considering!
  4. Dessie

    Weeb trash

    Your art is definitely worth more than a $1 dont doubt yourself Text: Dessie Ocs: Morticia Mira Thank you for considering!
  5. Dessie

    hi lets try draw stuff yay help

    Hello! Text: Dessie Ocs: Morticia Mira Thank you for considering!
  6. Dessie

    Help me practice

    Yay you're back good to see you again hun! Text: Dessie OC:Morticia Thank you for considering
  7. Type: scratch Name: Dessie Oc: Morticia References: in albums Animations: blinking if possible Coloured or Monochrome: coloured Extras: - Thank you for considering!
  8. Dessie

    IRL Photos

    The only picture i ever liked of myself and felt confident
  9. Dessie

    [2018] Cancer Awareness Event

  10. Dessie

    Tian Di (Open)

    Hello! Text: Dessie Ocs: Morticia Mira Screenies: click Thank you for considering
  11. Dessie

    [2018] Cancer Awareness Event

    Can someone please put the lung cancer border on for me?
  12. Dessie

    Feelings Thread (v2)

    I know we dont know eachother but I always have time to listen. I'm always free if you need a friend to talk too.
  13. Dessie

    Feelings Thread (v2)

    Been listening to love songs all day because a lot on my mind that only love songs can help me feel better

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