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  • Birthday 12/11/1996

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    Pure Evil
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  1. Dessie

    Moon Babies

    Text on DP: Dessie OCs/Refs: Morticia Pose/Expression: in albums Background: something dark Extra: - Link a Song: (if it's just a name and not a LINK I'll just skip your order) Click Thank you for considering!
  2. @Mya ahh omg i love it so much ty bb
  3. Text: Dessie Screenie(s): click Background idea?: surprise me Anything else I need to know?: - Thank you for considering ♥
  4. Dessie

    -TEMP- Startup practice -FULL-

    Scratch ❀ References: Morticia Mira ❀ Text: Dessie ❀ Extra: artistic freedom Thank you for considering!
  5. Dessie

    First Impressions

    very pretty
  6. Dessie

    sweet and simple !! Open !!

  7. Dessie

    sweet and simple !! Open !!

    @Britty no changes she looks perfect
  8. Dessie

    throw ur ocs here boiz n gyalz

    Hey hun Text: Dessie OC: Morticia OC Thank you for considering!💜
  9. Dessie

    sweet and simple !! Open !!

    @Britty Omg she looks amazing!
  10. Dessie

    wow, what a sketchy shop

    Hi I love your art! Text: Dessie OCs: Morticia MIra Thank you for considering!
  11. Dessie

    Dessies OC Requests

    Hello everyone im in desperate need of some art for my OCs and just thought to post here for now until I get paid. Text: Dessie OCs: Morticia Mira Extra: Feel free to do artistic freedom Any kind of art style is very appreciated. Thank you for considering.
  12. Dessie

    my boy (unlimited?)

    I love your art! Text: Dessie Screenies: click♥ Thank you for considering!
  13. Dessie

    sweet and simple !! Open !!

    Hey I see you've improved a lot! Ocs/Refs: Morticia Mira Text: Dessie Extras: - Let me know something about you!: I am obsessed with fortnite Thank you for considering!
  14. Dessie

    cute creepies

    I have a gorey satanic OC Id love to see what you do with her. Text: Dessie OC: Morticia Thanks for considering!
  15. Dessie

    Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    Text: Dessie Ocs: Morticia Mira Thank you for considering!

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