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  1. SUB - 2 ????? ( open /unlimited slots)

    I do as you see, I creep and admire!
  2. SUB - 2 ????? ( open /unlimited slots)

    This is the most gorgeous art piece I've seen in my life... reminds me of my oc so much. I wish I could afford your art...
  3. help me practice ?

    Welcome back! My OCs: <3 Text: In
  4. Show off your latest creation!

    I love witches too! I've got one witch OC as well. This one looks so nice. I love her hat !
  5. sketch practiiiiiiice, hmu!

    Welcome back! And this looks really cute already!
  6. Fullody/Halfbody | OPEN | Unlimited slots

    I followed you on Deviantart!
  7. post some quotes

    Don’t suffocate who you are because of the ignorance of others. — Unknown
  8. post some quotes

    To fall in love with someone’s thoughts – the most intimate, splendid romance. — Sanober Khan
  9. drop ya refs (POLL)

    Wow you're sooooooooo good!! I love it so much. I was wondering if her under top could be more pink coloured and collar on her hoddie more fluffy and thinner if you get what I mean if these aren't possible or too much work just ignore it. Thank you so much once again!!
  10. Closed | Free OuO shop | Closed

    Form: Refs: <3 Text: In

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