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  1. Inerlime

    Dankula's free art practice

    Vampire definitely.
  2. “Train yourself to take nothing personally.”
  3. Inerlime

    Feelings Thread (v2)

    I don't know why I even think of him still or anyone who has forgotten and left me. It is so annoying. I wish I had any friend who would ACTUALLY want to hang out with me and talk to me. Someone who wouldn't pretened to care or like me... But I feel lonelier than ever. These bad feelings are choking me... I feel fear and deep loneliness and emptiness.
  4. Inerlime

    bonjour boys i need bodies

    Looks so good. How long it took you to develop such a style?
  5. Inerlime

    Let's Practice ●◡●

    Dropdead gorgeous.
  6. Inerlime

    What's poppin

    Yes sure, when I crop it looks bad so if you can that would be perfect!
  7. Inerlime

    What's poppin

    Thank you sooo much! Is it possible to get a DP crop maybe?
  8. Inerlime

    ♡ 𝑬𝑫𝑰𝑻𝑺 ♡

    Name: In Screenshots: xoxo References: here Extra: maybe animation?
  9. Inerlime

    free edits or sketches

    An OC with screens: xx Or this one: vampire lady (she's drawn) Text: In
  10. Inerlime

    spoop - headshots

    Hi, OCs:xoxo Text: In
  11. Inerlime

    B&W poop

    OCs: xoxo Text: In
  12. Inerlime

    Feelings Thread (v2)

    I used to believe in second chances but now after all I am not sure anyone deserves it.
  13. Inerlime

    Feelings Thread (v2)

    I feel like a complete crap.
  14. Inerlime

    Ballerina's Shop.

    This is gorgeous. Would you consider finishing my art piece if I would pay? If you remember me of course. Greets!!
  15. Inerlime

    NEW very temp spoopy shop (F bodies)

    Form Text: In Refs: 1 or something Halloween Extras: pls the DP version too!

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