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  1. text In oc/reference my persona or vampire lady extra just have fun! Perhaps animation?
  2. Awww it's alright, I can understand! Thank you so much for picking me and drawing for me I really appreciate it since I am broke and I barely get any art haha. I will use it on my IMVU account 0bybli since my Inerlime account was hacked 2 years ago, just so you know. And I will use it on Gasr too!!! XOXO
  3. Text: In OC/Reference(s): 1 2 Extra?: just have fun Music: boop
  4. form Text: In References: my persona or vampire lady Inspiration: (Not necessary) ^ Personality: creative, passionate, energetic, at times – domineering and short-tempered. Anything else: just have fun
  5. I am alright, very tired today, how was your day?
  6. Inerlime

    warm up

    OCs: vampire lady my persona Text: In
  7. It's gorgeous already! Maybe white background to fit her better? And some earrings pearls or heart shaped like in art refs if you could?
  8. Inerlime

    Freebie sketches

    OCs: 1 or 2 Text: In
  9. Woah that is just perfect!! Have a good rest.
  10. Form: Oc/Refs: her or vampire lady Name: In Watermark: Inerlime Details/Extras: rose petals/ maybe animation/ smirk
  11. Thank you for accepting me! It's an OC inspired by me irl so I am super excited.
  12. Text: In OCs: xoxo
  13. text: In oc/reference/screenshot: vampire lady my persona extra: n/a

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