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About Inerlime

  • Birthday 04/20/1994

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  1. Inerlime

    let me experiment w u

    Hi, consider my persona pls? Text: In
  2. Inerlime

    Trial and Error

    Love ur art... Would you pls consider my main oc, my persona? Other ocs: <3 Text: In
  3. Inerlime

    Free Experimental Anime Art

    Name: In Oc: xoxo Dp ideas: It depends on the oc Background Ideas: Up to you!
  4. Inerlime

    It's Mermay!

    My mermaid: here Text: In
  5. Inerlime


    OC/Refs: my ocs Pose: up to you~ Text: In Notes: have fun and thank you!
  6. Inerlime

    ❅ Need examples + practice! ❅ | FULL AS HEK

    OCs: <3 Text: In Ty!
  7. Inerlime

    Need example No acepting

    It's super gorgeous. I wish you all the luck with your future shop I'd def buy from you if I had the moneys... xoxo
  8. Inerlime

    O O F

    OC: <3 Text: In
  9. Inerlime

    Need example No acepting

    Oh you doknow, that's amazing in my eyes!
  10. Inerlime


  11. Inerlime

    Need example No acepting

    Hi, I hope is okay to post now. If not just ignore... Here is my main oc Text: In If my main oc isn't interesting enough... here are some other ocs...
  12. Inerlime

    Feelings Thread

    I feel deeply disappointed... My ex bf whom I've been with for more than a year... And whom I loved for 3 years almost... now... haven't even congrated me my birthdayy... like woah... I didn't expect this... he for sure doesn't give not even a tiny bit of care bout me ... I should have known but couldn't help but hope... Better to not hope at all or care bout anyone... ever again... And he showed so much love... Idk why I still even hoped for something when obvious he completly forgot and doesn't care about me... How I'll even get over him... Idk... I just feel sad even though I shouldn't... God help me.
  13. Inerlime


    Woah I just wanted to post this song... I really love it omg...
  14. Inerlime

    Draw the person above you! (Announcement pg.40)

    Claim~ I'll draw you asap but might be a bit late since I am celebrating my birthday!
  15. Inerlime

    SugaBaby adoptables (2/2)

    That's too cute o mg!!!

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