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Graphic Arts Services & Requests


  1. closing ✌🏻

    "spirited beneath"//$55 USD
  2. closing ✌🏻

    @Sadistic you may send bby
  3. closing ✌🏻

    guy 1 get 1 free deal is now: active please fill out two forms for both premades
  4. Best Friend Request (50-75$)

    i'm here because i appreciate both of your guys' ocs Form: Name: FoxGod also go by Naruto Examples: you already know Price Range: depending if you want large art or not $75 for large version along with all the crops and animation $65 for 160x220 crops and animation Extra Stuff:
  5. for all my customers who have already paid for their custom orders or premade wips:

    everything is going to be finished within this month of february! 

    i'm working on all the orders getting things done slowly but surely. thanks for your patience, again.

    ya'll great 

  6. closing ✌🏻

    new premade was added on the first page discounted all the prices
  7. Legends Die 🖋| accepting forms

    i'm going to finish a few orders i started on some and some are almost done! thanks for your patience
  8. closing ✌🏻

  9. closing ✌🏻

    thank you for all the sweet comments
  10. closing ✌🏻

    "the fallen ones"//$55 USD comes with blinking and smirk
  11. closing ✌🏻

  12. closing ✌🏻

    what kind of premades do you guys want to see today? im working on a goth couple rn
  13. closing ✌🏻

    @Ahgase ty beautiful<3
  14. closing ✌🏻

    "in my dreams"//$50 USD
  15. Legends Die 🖋| accepting forms

    thank you so much guys! will have your wips up shortly

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