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  1. She looks adorablee no changes needed, but maybe lowering down her eyebrows, I feel like they're a bit too far up :o And my VIP ran out so I submitted a ticket to send the credits! I will let you know when they reply and send the credits c:
  2. No worries and she looks sooo goood, no changes needed!
  3. ポップ • ラブ [ TEMP CLOSED ] *3/3*

    No worries c: she looks adorable, love her so far ^-^
  4. Thank youuu and I forgottt, could you add the text :p. Didn't notice it wasn't there ;o
  5. Just the dp would be fine c:
  6. I love ittt wondering if her lips could be a light / soft pink and maybe give her a slight smirk / smile :o. I sent the creds btws c: proofs and I don't mind if you post the speed art :D
  7. Ooo I'll request onee to get something startedd Screenshots: Doop (Pose 2 is finee or the pose on the outfit, you cans decide) Hairstyle (for bald): In screenies :DText:ChieEffects (Blinking/Winking/Glowing/Sparkling eyes/None): Blinking ( wondering if I could get both versions (one with the blink and one with just the dp c:)Extra: Possible a light-pinkish background, you cans be as creative as you'd likee with the dp and the background <3 I'll be paying in creds :D (not sure if effects add in to the price ;o)
  8. Yas much betterr ^-^ shes adorablee
  9. @Artisti Sent the creds too btws :D proof
  10. Username - Chie Commission Type - Realistic DP Additional Payments / Tips - (optional) Requested Background - Yes, you can pickk c:. Maybe a cherry blossom tree in the background or a blue skyyy, you can pick c: Commission Appearance - doop Commission Pose - In link above Additionals (Stickers, sparkles, freckles etc.) - The bear ; you can be as creative as you want :D Date requested - 1-17-18 Total = 900 credits
  11. ポップ • ラブ [ TEMP CLOSED ] *3/3*

    She looks amazingg, maybe make her have a slight smile / smirk I'll leave it up to you ^-^ thank youu, and take your time :D

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