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  1. Aw I can't wait until more comes out! Get well soon c: ❤
  2. I'll be backs later! My paypal has some issues x.x, no need to reserve it though!
  3. Sent the credits 😄 proof
  4. Premade: Premade 7 Text: Chie Email(PM) Price: 10k
  5. Chie

    𝖘 𝖑 𝖆 𝖉 𝖊 -- OPEN -- 3/3 SLOTS

    Sent the credits proofs
  6. Chie

    𝖘 𝖑 𝖆 𝖉 𝖊 -- OPEN -- 3/3 SLOTS

    It looks great ! And it looks like I have to wait a day to send ;-;. I'll send the first thing tomorrow when I get home if that's okay with you. I apologize for the inconvenience :((, didn't realize having credits gifted to me would overlap with my other credits I had tooo 😧
  7. Does the first premade come with the blinking and the sparkling eyes with the swelled up lips or can you make it that way? ;o I might be interested if it does :]
  8. Chie

    nicopuri [4/4] //half off

    She's adorable!! sentt the credits
  9. Chie

    nicopuri [4/4] //half off

    form style: 1 text: Chie refs: doop bg: a pastelish background? (a soft pink works!) extra: none total: 2.5k 😮
  10. Chie

    𝖘 𝖑 𝖆 𝖉 𝖊 -- OPEN -- 3/3 SLOTS

    ♡ What style of edit it is : Repaint ♡ Price : 6k :] ♡ What add-ons (if any) : Blinking and whatever you think fits ;o. ♡ Screenie : doop orr dooop ( you can pickk whichever one you like more ) ♡ References (link as many as you need) : same as above ♡ Text : Chie, I loves the font you used for "Lilly" so maybe that font ;o Also if possible could you do chie as the watermark on the top and bottom of the dp? If not its okiee I can't waits to see itt
  11. Chie

    [5K & Under] | 5 Available

    It's perfect! and I'll definitely be around
  12. Chie

    [5K & Under] | 5 Available

    Sentttt and aww, okiee i'll definite keep an eye out Proofs
  13. Chie

    [5K & Under] | 5 Available

    Premade name: Jewel Text: Chie for reg text and chie for watermark Price: 5k Background change? (If so, provide hex code): Nopee, maybe #b1b9c6 but i'll leave it up to your judgment 😄 Extra: 1 px border Alsoo, is jacuzzi yakuzzi on hold for one week? I want her toooo :<

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