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So uh, hi. I'm Vex.:bfcreep:

I'm an outfit Creator on IMVU and a crappy chibi artist on here.

(Not even making stuff up, my art is crappy, shit ain't even digital)

I literally have no filter and I will blurt stuff out randomly, so I'm not for the faint of heart.

-I will however make up for that for my Wonderful personality!

..Okay that made even me barf.



Uh.. I'm a Scorpio, currently single,

I have this normal obsession with cats, also I can be a bit of a night owl,

oh, and did I mention I like snakes?

-And why does this now sound like a dating profile now?



ANYWAY my usual time slot on here is from 3PM - 2AM AEDT 

(it all really depends on if I stuff up my sleep schedule really..)

So if you need me, that's the best time to contact me.  






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