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  1. ? ᴄ ᴀ ᴘ [ nothing up atm ]

    i will hopefully get one next time PLS JESUS

    AGH i want but i dont get paid til FRIDAY
  3. Uhhh, well I would like le kitty but my wallet.. uh.. hehe... uh.. lets not talk about it. SOMEONE SNATCH THAT SWEET GIRL UP RN!
  4. IRL Photos

    i thought id swoop in cos my wife came thru with the same filter
  5. This is will close in 48hrs

    this is what i get for having 20 tabs open fixed it <3
  6. This is will close in 48hrs

    Character(s): in Sta.sh Reference(s): sta.sh Objects (Up to three): there's some in a few sta.sh, which you can ignore if you'd like, but idk a cute thing of milk or somethin? Other: n/a
  7. Inspire Me

    Ref: Sta.sh Text: Sana or bdst hhhhh scREAMS
  8. |°˖✧ GLITTER ✧˖°| 2/2 SLOTS |

    Reference/OC: Sta.sh Pose: some are in the sta.sh some are artistic freedom <3 (pls do lynn i will cRY) Details/Watermark: watermark sana <3
  9. practice makes perfect!

    ► Text: sana or bdst ► OCs/Ref: Sta.sh ► Extra: n/a
  10. Who u fightin'

    pfft i want art badly by you 8) Sta.sh text is sana or bdst <3
  11. Taj Premades ♥ |£481.77 / £500

    tysm its so gorg <3
  12. Taj Premades ♥ |£481.77 / £500

    ooo i didn't know we could do that !!!! can i get a version wit both yellow n blue eyes? if not thts okay 2 idm <3
  13. Taj Premades ♥ |£481.77 / £500

    ♡Title: sample 11 ♡Change(s): blue eyes if possible? if not its CAHUTE ♡Text: sana ♡Price: 23EU / 33 US ♡Suggestion for next premade: kawaii theme wit a hint of evil <3
  14. // ✦☽ Witchcraft ★˖°// Opan✧ ˖

    Sorry for the delay- but for some reason it only sent 19.99??? idk i can send more if you'd like <3 click

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