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  • Birthday 10/30/2000

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  1. Jordi

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 4/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    @AkiraSama sent lovely :3c
  2. Jordi

    Large Art Request - Fantasy OC's

    @StephMeeow fixed!
  3. Jordi

    Large Art Request - Fantasy OC's

    here you go! my paypal is smoldoggo@gmail.com
  4. Jordi

    $10 dddeal – OPEN! – 4/5

    pickup for @iMoo - i hope you like it!
  5. Jordi

    $10 dddeal – OPEN! – 4/5

    yes yes that's fine :3
  6. Jordi

    $10 dddeal – OPEN! – 4/5

    ahh accepted! i'll reply to your pm now with further questions :3c
  7. Jordi

    Large Art Request - Fantasy OC's

    hi! here's a wip sketch of your girly. let me know if you want any changes :3c
  8. Jordi

    $10 dddeal – OPEN! – 4/5

    yes! just be specific with what you'd like because i want nothing but to satisfy commissioners i really really like memory and the concept for her......... however, i'll happily do whichever one is your favorite or you definitely want to expand of the idea of them first!! just lmk in pm if you want to discuss one, or let me decide!!
  9. Jordi

    $10 dddeal – OPEN! – 4/5

    OOOO accepted omg your girls are so precious AAHHH i'm excited to get onto these :3c thank you guys SO MUCH
  10. Jordi

    $10 dddeal – OPEN! – 4/5

    PLEASE DO AHHHH i love me all the monster girls also alright, please take your time! i look forward to your order!!
  11. Jordi

    $10 dddeal – OPEN! – 4/5

    i do! the price would have to be doubled, though :3c
  12. Jordi

    Large Art Request - Fantasy OC's

    i'd love to, and yes i do do dp crops! you can pick a pose if you'd like, or you could give me a few personality traits to help me decide on one better? it's completely up to you. i'm looking forward to drawing your girl :3
  13. Jordi

    $10 dddeal – OPEN! – 4/5

    ACCEPTED AAA these sound really fun also thank you for the recommendation sjdkvds
  14. Jordi

    Large Art Request - Fantasy OC's

    OC's name: SPACE BUN please My price: click on the thingies to see examples shaded will PROBABLY be more detailed now, as i have improved since then! flat colors half body - $15 full body - $20 shaded half body - $28 full body - $35 i also offer b&w pieces found HERE Animations? Yes/No & What?: i've never tried animations, but i could do winking/blinking My WIP/ Art examples: my deviantart i'm terrible at updating social medias sndjugd more style examples these are bw, but it's an example of my style. yours will obviously be colored sjdnmv

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