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  1. when anny follows u


    1. Nini



  2. Available ♡

    Credit to bulletblend for the divider Anny 20 | ♋️ | Student 01/13/2018 STATUS: AVAILABLE Hey babes, I'm one of the newest art shop mods to join the team! I love food, so much you really DONT understand. I have a part time job + I'm a full time student though I'm on break atm and class start up again on Jan 22. Although I work + having class coming up again I will be fairly available for the time being. Should be noted that on the weekends I'm usually Free all day unless I decide to go out and about, feel free to PM me if you have questions and I will assist you and or direct you to a mod that can Credit for Onigiri&Dango Divider by anineko What's the stitch?? WHAT TO CONTACT ME FOR > Moving/ locking/ cleaning/ deleting threads > Deleting polls from your shop > Retrieving your shops after it's been deleted > Questions about the forum > Reporting shops that go against GASR guidelines I will do my best to assist you feel free to PM me, I'm more than happy to help you
  3. New GASR Moderators!!!

    ASIDE FROM THE HEART ATTACK THEY GAVE ME..... UR ALLLL SWEET ILY ALL, THanNKKKK YOUUU siiiiiiiiiloooooo stop it, just be a simple supportive dad
  4. January 2018 Updates & Information

    Proud of our supreme leader friend boss
  5. You're supperrrr cute :blove:

    1. Seb


      You're superrrrr beautiful :icry:

    2. Nini


      my heart :ohug:!!!

    3. Seb
  6. Moderator Applications are OPEN!

  7. im not sure if i should be scared of your cover photo or not :hwdance3:

  8. Halloween Scavenger 2017


    im ready for this lETssss GEttttttt iTttttTTtt
  9. [ Oct 10, 2017 ] Open Registrations!

  10. [OCT 04, 2017] Age Verification

  11. [OCT 04, 2017] Age Verification

    I dont ever recall there being a age verification on the old gasr though, They only recently added this to the new gasr so that people that are 18+ can have access to the NSFW art section since they were restricted from having NSFW art on the old gasr.
  12. [OCT 04, 2017] Age Verification

    Im kinda confused about this So this is for those who have bought the age pass. Or.... For those who have a 18+ age need to stay in order? Edit : to clarify more i mean is this whole posting for those that have bought the age pass or for the free users aswell?. anyone that wants the age verification has to have 25 forum posts. but im not sure what you mean by "free users"

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