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idk what to say about myself so here's a bunch of stuff i like


anything levi, eren, or jean - riren/ereri - klance - erejean - attack on titan - voltron -  matt mercer - skyrim - WWE (asuka, becky lynch, bayley, and ember moon) - haikyuu - kagehina - yasmeen amina olya - koe no katachi - yuri!!! on ice - otayuri - victuuri -kakegurui - drawing when i feel like it - kiss him not me - hatsune miku - danganronpa - soul eater - dragon ball - inuyasha - one punch man - star vs the forces of evil - steven universe - adventure time - youtube - short films - netflix -  garrett watts - shane dawson - drew monson - trisha paytas - ryland adams - game grumps -  mystic messenger - juzen - league of legends - horizon zero dawn - gravity rush - l4d2 -  mortal kombat - harry potter - doki doki literature club - legend of zelda - between two souls - league of legends -  the big bang theory - undertale - don't starve together - dragon age: inquisition -  all of my fictional husbands - my actual husband





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