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  1. ♦ CAT MOB ♦ - [2 premades]

    I share poverty with you hunny, I only have 2.46€ in my bank account for 15 days. Good luck!
  2. ♦ CAT MOB ♦ - [2 premades]

    I would love to have both these beauties.. But I have no friends who can advance me the money. *poor and without friends* rofl
  3. *:・゚✧Atlantica_Screens Shop*:・゚✧

    @LinkBloodQuill accepted hunny! You can send and I'll send your screens, thank you!
  4. *:・゚✧Baby Dreams*:・゚✧ [2]

    Price reduced
  5. ♡ 붐바야 [0] ♡

    That beauty! @Lunna kiss sweetie
  6. ♦ CAT MOB ♦ - [2 premades]

    Omg... I need "Hey Cutie !" tooo...
  7. ♦ CAT MOB ♦ - [2 premades]

    Aaaaaah!!! I need Lolilollipop in my life! Why I'm pooooor?!!
  8. *:・゚✧Atlantica_Screens Shop*:・゚✧

    @seksigirliie I'll send your screens now, thank you!! ♥
  9. Serendipity - 2 - ANNOUNCEMENT LAST PAGE

    If only I had enough money!
  10. *:・゚✧Atlantica_Screens Shop*:・゚✧

    I loove you too baby Yes I like it xD Yours teddy too!
  11. *:・゚✧Atlantica_Screens Shop*:・゚✧

    Whaaat?!! Did you dare to do that baby? But I can't accept that! I put you in my members v.i.p then, otherwise I refuse.. Thaaanks love, big chuuu. ♥
  12. *:・゚✧Atlantica_Screens Shop*:・゚✧

    @Ayumi awww thank you so much baby! It's screens at 50 cr each and since there are 9, you have 2 free in the lot, so that makes you only 350 cr. ♥
  13. ⚓ ░ s e a s • t h e • d a y ░ ⚓

    Flamingo Glory
  14. *:・゚✧Atlantica_Screens Shop*:・゚✧

    New mermaid theme I'm going to do exclusive mermaids screens for the moment and sometimes do other screens. I would just like the old screens to leave before!
  15. ♥ Make a wish darling ♥ - OPEN

    @Mimi payment sent hun ♥

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