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  1. Bump ^^
  2. Shop Rules: ♥ - All GASR rules apply. ♥ - Do not send payment until your order is accepted. ♥ - Please be patient. ♥ - No textless. Must be your GASR -OR- IMVU name ♥ - Alternative text versions can be made for an extra $1 ♥ - All chibis are $10. DP versions can be made for free! Examples:
  3. Wow, I absolutely adore your art! Text: Jay OCs: <3 Thank you kindly for you consideration, hon!
  4. Totally free! I want to make OCs, but I already have a lot, so why not make them for other people.
  5. I was wondering if I could open a free shop to make OCs for people and do some art. I know we could in the old GASR, so just making sure.

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