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  1. Maniacally

    :Pixel DP : Open

    No changes. It's perfect!
  2. Maniacally

    :Pixel DP : Open

    Nope! She looks good.
  3. Maniacally

    :Pixel DP : Open

    She's looking amazing so far!
  4. Maniacally

    :Pixel DP : Open

    No no! I'm glad you did.
  5. Maniacally

    :Pixel DP : Open

    OOH. You chose the second outfit. Looks good!
  6. Maniacally

    :Pixel DP : Open

    Yes! Such cute pigtails. cx
  7. Maniacally

    :Pixel DP : Open

    Looks good so far!
  8. I adore the pose! So cute. Thank you very much!
  9. Maniacally

    Let's Practice ●◡●

    OCs: Spectra | Chiyoye | River Main Text: Jay Watermark: Maniacally
  10. Maniacally

    Inspired by the breeze FREE SHOP 2/3 SLOTS FULL!!!

    SKIN # OR REFERENCE: OCs HAIR REF: In album EYE REF: In album CLOTHS REF: In album POSE REF: In album EXTRA: Your art is so cute. <3 NAME: Jay
  11. Maniacally

    i just want to eat my pickles in silence

    »name/username: Jay »references (be specific): OCs »details you want specified: Whatever is in the album~ »give me music or a damnb playlist: boom
  12. Maniacally

    ☆ Apolune ☆ 9/10 [OPEN]

    Yay! This will be my first art of her. Thank you so much. <3
  13. Maniacally

    Oppa Noticed You

    PIXEL DOLL FORM: ★NAME(s) : Jay ★OC/REF(s) : OCs ★DOLL SIZE : Signature size ★BG : Nothing.~ ★EXTRA : Thank you for considering. ^.^
  14. Maniacally

    Practicing New Style [DP's]

    Ref: OCs Text: Jay Extra: Thanks for considering! Such a cute style. c:
  15. Maniacally

    ⚡️ S T Y L I N ⚡️ OPEN! <3

    FORM OC/Refs: <3 Pose/expression idea: Should be in the album of the OC. c: Color(s) to use: Described in the album of each OC Text: Jay

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