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  1. CuddlesDaBamboo

    キセキ | FULL

  2. CuddlesDaBamboo


    Awesome! pm'd
  3. CuddlesDaBamboo


    Style: (Style A is closed for orders.) Avi-repaint M/F: F Theme: First one naughty little miss and second one cat girl with ribbons on her ears :3 OC/Ref: First one and Second one Text(s): Iri on both Price: 10$ + tips Music: (This is optional, but if you don't want to add music, you can post a silly gif. ^^)
  4. I will 100% come back to you for other styles :3
  5. Amazing!! Thank you soo much dear!
  6. Sure dear. I will pm you my email and can you send me invonce ;3
  7. [center] [img=https://images.imgbox.com/d7/8b/00jzytQB_o.png] Style: I would like to get style 1v2 and style 3 Screenies: [Removed by Moderator] Background color: Any that look good Text: Iri Text color: Any that look good Watermark text: Iri Additional features:Please winking ,necklace with letter V and can you add black cat on shoulder or in hands (everything on both styles) Tip: sure Bribe?: no Paypal e-mail : Will pm when done Total: 19.20 + tips [/center]
  8. CuddlesDaBamboo

    ♡ bubblegum ♡ // OPEN: Reg: 2/2 | Bribe: 0/1

    Pretty! :3
  9. CuddlesDaBamboo

    Efímero. {2 Premades}

    Premade Name or #: #Watercolor PACK. (v2) -C text: Iri
  10. CuddlesDaBamboo

    ♥ Make a wish darling ♥ - OPEN *NEW ONES*

    Booty ish pretty! :O

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