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  1. CuddlesDaBamboo

    I need some pretties!

    Looking nice so far 😄 Yeah both dear :3 and email kohrs.iri@yandex.ru
  2. CuddlesDaBamboo

    I need some pretties!

    You may try dear :3
  3. CuddlesDaBamboo

    I need some pretties!

    Sure dear :3.For cat is fine as well 😄
  4. CuddlesDaBamboo

    I need some pretties!

    @Daaes I will keep you in mind :3 @Octarine will keep you in mind as well :3 @McNelly your art is so pretty. But right now i can afford max 30$ @Levudazed you can try dear in Style 1 with eye winkind and lip bite 😄 @Amy you may try dear :3 @Moana will keep you in mind dear 😄 @Greyw90 @PxlDana @Meraki and @Dunked i think i will order from all of you in next month :D!
  5. Pretty!!
  6. CuddlesDaBamboo

    キセキ | FULL

  7. CuddlesDaBamboo

    I need some pretties!

    Thank you dear :D!
  8. CuddlesDaBamboo

    I need some pretties!

    You may try :D! Choose any. I will also pay for pet :3
  9. CuddlesDaBamboo

    I need some pretties!

    ♥Hi dearies, I'm Iri and i am looking for some pretties! ♥ Rules you need to know and follow ! • All GASR rules apply in this request • Do NOT steal or heavily Reference my OCs • I will be paying with PayPal, however i may accept credits if requested. • Do NOT start anything for me before i accept ! I may not accept everyone, but i love you all • No upfront payment ! at least 1 WIP is required before payment will be sent • Invoices welcome • Do not re-sell anything you make for me or re-create for your own sale. -You may not resell any artwork of my OCs- • Art will be used on GASR and IMVU I am looking for DPs I accept winking,sparkling all animations till they are not high priced :3 Style i accept any styles are welcome (chibi,pixel,anime, avatar edits etc.) I am not looking for full drawings (not into it at the moment sorry, also banners Price Not higher than 30$ OCs This is Vale! She is my little naughty miss.Seductive but untouchable. Here main theme is to be 'sexy'.She is always followed by her faithful friend Mio. Mio is a black cat with green eyes as his mistress has. Mio's favorite place is to sit on her shoulder.Also Vale is going with necklace with letter V,green eyes ,blue ribbons in hair, one eye wink and lip biting. P.S. You can also draw her without cat :3. This is Catzu! Pretty cat ears with ribbons and pearls. Sparkling pink eyes. Just draw everything you see on refs :3. Satino OC! This is my fur OC. If you feel that you are not into human please try her :3. Secondary characters Masku She have creepy smile and piercing look. Skell! Boned girl :D! Name on Dp must be Iri or Ira. Thank you for showing interest, I hope to do business with some of you !
  10. CuddlesDaBamboo

    백합 🌈 // 3 all for 2€

    New style look amazing!
  11. Awesome! pm'd
  12. Style: (Style A is closed for orders.) Avi-repaint M/F: F Theme: First one naughty little miss and second one cat girl with ribbons on her ears :3 OC/Ref: First one and Second one Text(s): Iri on both Price: 10$ + tips Music: (This is optional, but if you don't want to add music, you can post a silly gif. ^^)
  13. CuddlesDaBamboo

    ♡ M E R M A I D S ♡ // ♥OPEN♥ !! //

    I will 100% come back to you for other styles :3
  14. CuddlesDaBamboo

    ♡ M E R M A I D S ♡ // ♥OPEN♥ !! //

    Amazing!! Thank you soo much dear!

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