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  1. Premade Name or #: #Watercolor PACK. (v2) -C text: Iri
  2. Clicku here my fur OC
  3. Dear do you do furs? :O
  4. Hey dear! Will send it soon.. Hold it for lil :3
  5. ✦Make me some art✦ ☆Single or Couple:Single ☆Style:2 ☆Size 160x220 ☆References: OC you allready kniw this oc :3 ☆Pose: clicku ☆Expression: clicku ☆Animation: Lip bite and eye wink :3 ☆Background (Ideas) some pretty sky with stars :3 ☆Text: Iri ☆Extra: necklace with letter V ☆Price: 12$ ?? .w.
  6. That is awesome.. Will send after work and pm you :3

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