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Hi !! My name is Luis, im 22, and I make art, kekekek
I'm really fascinated by the occult. the internet, and underwater lifeforms
I go to college and am studying fine arts



I my kohai and boyfriend Sid (@Yimu), computers, nintendo games, anime, bara, pixels, the red sky on a snowy night, my dog Chuli, my fish Vladimir (RIP), insects, plants, color #FFBCA5, and cake.

I dont  bullies, beans, gory horror movies, talking to people face-to-face, sad friends, color #D9FB19, art block, and driving when I dont feel like it.


I also playing games such as:

league of legends ( Sseennppaaii, NA server )

overwatch ( Senpapi#11426 )

animal crossing: new leaf

pokemon ♥

fallout games (fallout 3, fallout NV, fallout 4)

elder scrolls (daggerfall, morrowind, oblivion, skyrim, online)

yaoi/otome dating games <--(haha, u weeb)


things I live by:
time is just a concept, created by mankind.
you can truly live out your full life as a vegan if you try.
the sun is dying and there's nothing you can do about it.
magic is real.
aliens are real.
the universe is just an atom compared to the true universe.
prevention is the only cure.
if you think about it, an embryo is neither a chicken, nor an egg.
personal space is essential, and i'll fite you if you disagree.
you dont have to look both ways if you can fly.
choose the empire, not the stormcloaks.
jack totally would've fit on that floating wooden panel.


image by: 1041uuu@tumblr.com

pixel icons by me (feel free to use em)



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