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Hi !! My name is Luis, im 23, and I make art, kekekek
I'm really fascinated by the occult. the internet, and marine life
I go to college and am studying fine arts

I plan on continuing to study hard and hopefully take on digital art as my career



I  computers, nintendo games, anime, bara, pixels, the red sky on a snowy night, my dog Chuli, my fish Vladimir (RIP), insects, plants, color #FFBCA5, and cake.

I dont  bullies, beans, gory horror movies, talking to people face-to-face, sad friends, color #D9FB19, art block, and driving when I dont feel like it.


I also play games, such as:

league of legends ( Sseennppaaii, NA server )

overwatch ( Senpapi#11426 )

animal crossing: new leaf

animal crossing pocket camp


fallout games (fallout 3, fallout NV, fallout 4)

elder scrolls (daggerfall, morrowind, oblivion, skyrim)

yaoi/otome dating games <--(haha, u weeb)



pixel icons by me (feel free to use em)




I support:









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