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  1. I dont know if u also trade Imvu Edits :o :FORM: Work Example: CLICKY Name: PixoZz or Chrissy WaterMark: PixoZz or Chrissy Screenies: Screenies Reference: Ocs Extra:
  2. it is beautiful thank you!
  3. Aw, its looking soooo goooood! Love ur art!
  4. @Abducted Hey i am done with urs! i hope u like it! CLICKY
  5. No, just pick the one u like the most ;)
  6. form: screenshots: SCREENIE text: PixoZz etc: Thanks for considering ♥
  7. Aöright, didnt know that thanl you.
  8. Form: Style: Repaint Samples/references: [Removed by Moderator] // Screenies Hair/ Eye colour: Just like the screenies :p Name on photo: PixoZz (Optional) Song Inspiration: -
  9. Your art is stunning!
  10. Yes it is! :3
  11. Hello i am selling all those 160x220 DPs for 5€ paypal I am also selling Big Arts for 10€ paypal! u get everthing with ur name on it! PREMADES: BIG ART 10€:
  12. PixoZz

    Premade 3

    Thank you
  13. PixoZz

    Premade 3

    15€ Paypal

    © PixoZz

  14. PixoZz

    Premade 2

    15€ Paypal

    © PixoZz

  15. PixoZz

    Premade 1

    20€ Paypal

    © PixoZz

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