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About Me

Hiya! My name is Miranda (or Mii), I'm 22, and I love meeting new people!


I have 4 cats (yes 4) who I love to bits, and alsoIhavetwosnailsandatwogouramiandapleco I just love animals ok- 
I love art, and drawing. I know I have tons of room for improvement, and I'm still learning so much! I also enjoy horror movies, I love tattoos (I have so many planned out but I'm poor sobs), cacti, flowers, & plants in general, rain!!, tea & coffee, desserts, fruit, Studio Ghibli (and anime in general I mean c'mon), Hello Kitty, all things cute-pink-and-sparkly, anything cat related, reading, gaming, listening to music, and sleep (sleeeeeep (except I always stay up way too late :c))! 

I'm usually super nice (if you can get past how shy and awkward and weird I am), so feel free to message me, once I know you I'll talk your ear off. 
Stay magical!


v These are my OCS pls don't steal. Artists top to bottom: TaiyaChan, TaiyaChan, Pae, Oeniel, and Slug. v





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