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About me;



Hello, My name is Ash or Ashley I'm twenty two  years old and I'm from Colorado

I'm in love with body modifications, tattoos, piercings, stretching them ( i've got three tattoos and, stretched piercings ):boh:

I'm an culinary arts student at my local college, i enjoy lots of things in my free time.

Drawing, playing video games, music listening, petting dogs, makeup, painting and riding horses.

I enjoy all types of music genres ; rap, r&b, pop, punk, metal , edm and ect.

My favorite types of movies are horror and those ol' romantic movies we'd watch as teenagers. Ya know.. like Cinderella story with Hillary duff hah.

I find myself to be a person who's shy and keeps to themselves, it's nothing personal between is it's just how i am till i come out of my shell.

Ask me anything, send me a PM or comment under one of my shop links.

I'm still learning how to draw and i know I'm not that great but any support from you guys would mean a lot to me.

Please join my discord server with @Mitsu server















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