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  1. if it’s no longer on hold after 48 hours, I would like to claim it please! PREMADE Premade: Kana Text: Joy (title) & babwy (watermark) Price: S$75
  2. Aw, please let me know if it goes back up!! I was just going to post the form I love her sm
  3. would it be possible to put 2 premades on hold? I’m still deciding which one I want If not, I would definitely snatch up Kana!
  4. can you hold Bria for me, please?
  5. may I be tagged when a spots open up again?
  6. When I try to pm you, it says you’re not receiving messages?
  7. Premade: #Meanie Name on premade(one): Joy Watermark(yes/no): Yes; babwy Paypalemail(here or pm): will pm! Total: $45 Do you agree to my TOS: yes
  8. I'll pm you once I finish some things!
  9. this is so pretty! I would def buy one like her
  10. @Krystal I SEE YOU LOL snatching them up
  11. may I be tagged when a pp slot in open?
  12. PREMADE NAME: Kitten MAIN TEXT: Joy WATERMARK: [email protected] IS THE PREMADE FOR A FRIEND / ALT : NO PRICE: $70 don't forget to read the rules to avoid complications
  13. I love premade 125

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