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The love you ignite in me burns brighter than all the fires in hell. @Alex

A B O U T  M E  ♕                                                                                                   

My name is Mary. You can also call me Reaper/Reap. I recently became a Mature Content moderator, so if you have any questions regarding that; don't hesitate to contact me! Take time differences and such into consideration as well.


 P E R S O N A L I T Y                                                                                              

Humorous, indecisive, insouciant, invulnerable, introverted, sensitive, shy, absentminded, cynical, perverse, lazy, irreligious, temperamental, judgmental. 



I N F O                                                                                                                       

I grew up in the southern US and I'm an only child with three dogs and a cat. I'm starting my second semester of college in early May for Forensic Science, then transferring to a university to major in chemistry. 


Callidus is the best house and I will fight anyone that disagrees.



[F2U] Likes by Koh-tan

Yaoi/BL, Overwatch, Anime/Manga, Science, Folklore (Especially Japanese & Chinese), ASMR, Psychology, Serial Killer Documentaries, Using "uwu" Ironically, Memes

[F2U] Nopes by Koh-tan

Autism/Feminism/Etc Jokes, Loud Sounds, Obnoxious People, Immaturity, Demanding people, DDLG, Brats

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