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 001. INFO                                                                                               

 Name/Nicknames: Reaper/Mary

 Location: Texas, USA (CDT Timezone) 

 Age: 21

 Personality: Humorous, indecisive, insouciant, introverted, absentminded, judgmental,   irreligious, temperamental, shrewd. 



 Likes: Overwatch lore, science/space, serial killer documentaries, memes, politics,   classical art/music, dark colors, Altered Carbon, Cyberpunk


 Dislikes: Loud/obnoxious people, DDLG, constant whining, tomatoes, overly positive   people




"All the oceans don't have the power to drown the love I feel for you."


002. MODERATION                                                                                

 I am a mature content moderator here on GASR. You may contact me for:

  • General forum questions
  • Inquiries about explicit/mature content
  • Etc


 I will do my best to assist you or direct you to a moderator who can. 

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