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“If I know what love is, it is because of you." @Alex 



➤ B A S I C S_____________________----__________________________________

Name: Mary

Zodiac: Pisces

Personality Type: INTP

Alignment type: Chaotic Evil

➤ A B O U T  M E_______________________________________________________

I use GASR mainly to purchase art while socializing on the side. The illistration on the left of my OC, Tatsuo, was made by @aeeris.

I live in Texas with three dogs and a cat and have a nose piercing along with two tattoos.

Personality traits: Humorous, indecisive, insouciant, introverted, sensitive, absentminded, cynical, perverse, lazy, irreligious, judgmental, understanding.


[F2U] Likes by Koh-tan

Ollie; my adopted son, yaoi/BL, Overwatch, anime/manga, science, folklore (especially Japanese/Chinese), ASMR, psychology, serial killers, using "uwu" ironically, criminal law

[F2U] Nopes by Koh-tan

Autism/feminism/etc jokes, loud or high pitched sounds, obnoxious people, anything involving child abuse, DDLG, overly positive people, people who call themselves unicorns/-insert magical creature-

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