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 ♡  ABOUT ME  ♡ 


Name: Mary

A/S/L: 20/F/USA, Texas

Personality type: the logician (intp-t)

Horoscope: Pisces

OC's: Rin (A Japanese half human, half demon) & Ayleria (Vampiric twin with @Alex's oc) uwu

My babies: ♥@Kita @Alex @Will



 ♡  I LIKE..  ♡ 

- Overwatch and the accompanying lore, (even got a tattoo from it.), especially Hanzo and Reyes.

- Twitch streamers MOONMOON_OW, A_Seagull & TimTheTatMan.

- I'm selective about animes but I really enjoyed Kuroko No Basket & Tokyo Ghoul.

- I read a lot of manga/yaoi/BL.

- SUPER into psychology and behavioral science, specifically the interactions and thought processes of - serial killers and/or people who perpetrate violent crimes. 

- Medical conditions/mysteries.

- Conspiracy theories (more listening than believing.) 

- Aliens/Science/NASA/Space

- Japanese culture/folklore/history

- The sound of tornado/nuclear/tsunami warning sirens

- Instagram memes. 

- The Sims series.



 ♡  I DISLIKE..  ♡ 

petty drama - 

children (more so babies, they scare me.), -

tomatoes!! -

Anything paranormal. My immediate reaction is to cry. -



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