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  1. ocs/refs: x text: june extra: have fun! artistic freedom encouraged. thank you for considering
  2. June

    super sketch

    @Selena oh my god! I’m glad you liked her. You did such an amazing job, I adore her. Thank you so so much.
  3. June

    Hulo (0/2)

    ocs/refs: <3 text: june extra: artistic freedom, have fun!
  4. June

    super sketch

    refs/ocs: <3 text: june extra: artistic freedom! have fun. thank you for considering.
  5. ❖ form ❖ ◈ screens/stash/oc: <3 ◈ text: June ◈ extra: artistic freedom!
  6. June

    Draw the Person Above You

    claim!! here you go @Sushi. i hope you like it. i tried my best base credit: basestation@DA @KataraKnight she is gorgeous! oh my. i'm in love! thank you
  7. June

    Y0UI's Premade (2)

    @Y0UI Payment sent!
  8. June

    Y0UI's Premade (2)

    @Y0UI FORM : -------- PREMADE NAME: christmassy 1 TEXT: June PAYPAL ADRESS: ohh.dayummnn.x@hotmail.com
  9. June

    💜Epiphany💜 | Slots are Full

    FORM: Text: june References: <3 thank you for considering!
  10. June

    Draw the Person Above You

    claim!! @Liaa i turned her into a cupcake i hope you don't mind. I had a lot of fun. @Mya no no! she's gorgeous, thank you so much. i love her
  11. ❀ I WANT ❀ Premade: only you Handwritten or Font: handwritten Text: June or Tyarnni IMVU: Email: ohh.dayummnn.x@hotmail.com Suggestions: more NEKOS!
  12. Can you put hoshi on hold? Pretty please!

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