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  1. :Thousand Sunny:(1)

  2. :Thousand Sunny:(1)

    Premade name: Dollhouse Text: five Watermark: five Any changes: N/A
  3. forum Hi! I wanna help you practice! Style: anime? Text: five Oc's: Iris Details: she's really cute and innocent, she loves love heart shaped lollipops. she is always happy and cheerful, and loves the colour pink. she loves to love! Animation (y/n): yes of your choice tell me a bit about yourself/ your favorite music artist and why?: hi i'm tyarnni, i'm 22 and from australia. i have 1 cat and 1 dog. i like to draw and i'm really interested in psychology. i have bad sleeping patterns and i like to play league of legends and overwatch. my favourite artist is probably NF in his songs he touches on mental health alot and i think it's important and different and most people could relate.
  4. No changes! She looks perfect
  5. perfect so far! no changes.
  6. F O R M Text: five Type: 160x220 only Pose/Expression: in refs! References: candy BG: your choice Extra: artistic freedom Total: $7
  7. UHHHHHHHH | 2/5 | pu grit, jojoya

    refs/description: Aurora or Eira text: Five
  8. Full body/Portrait: portrait Ref: Iris Text: five Extra: artistic freedom
  9. // ✦☽ Witchcraft ★˖°// Full✧ ˖

    Proof of payment Everything is perfect!! I adore her. Thank you so much angel!
  10. // ✦☽ Witchcraft ★˖°// Full✧ ˖

    Continue drawing with the different brush! I'm loving it, she looks gorgeous
  11. // ✦☽ Witchcraft ★˖°// Full✧ ˖

    I love her!! Continue
  12. sketch practiiiiiiice, hmu!

    ocs/ref: iris aurora candy text: five extra: artistic freedom thank you for considering
  13. // ✦☽ Witchcraft ★˖°// Full✧ ˖

    ✦ . Chibi ● Pose & References / Oc : Candy ● Extras : artistic freedom and can it include a do sized version ● Text & total payment : five and $7
  14. DP & FREE BUST-UP!! / FULL !

    No tysm, honey! She's gorgeous. I'm in loveeeee
  15. *new* Animu Uni (0)

    If she's available by tomorrow, I'll definitely snatch her up!

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