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  1. Five

    Temporary couple dp practice 1/2

    Form: Theme: cute! Reference links: mai & yuna Extras: artistic freedom Text: june and ash
  2. Five

    -Ale needs examples- FULL FOR NOW!

    Henlo! Characters: x Style you'd like: your choice! Something I can't forget no matter what: to have fun! Anything extra?: artistic freedom always, thank you for considering
  3. Five

    Free OC sketches!

    OC refs: x OC name: June Thank you for considering!
  4. Five

    Huney Bee

    text: june ocs/refs: <3 extra: artistic freedom! thank you for considering
  5. Five

    new style- need examples ♥ (closed)

    form: oc/refs: candy text: june extra: artistic freedom not sure if i'm too late or not, but i love your art and wanted to give it a shot. thank you for considering
  6. Five

    slots closed for now

    your art is gorgeous
  7. Five


    She is sosososo cute
  8. Five

    Temporary fix

    i am so happy with how she turned out. i'm in love. oh my.
  9. Five


    Text: june ocs/refs: ❤️ extra: artistic freedom thank you for considering
  10. Five

    // ✦☽ Witchcraft ★˖°// opan ✧ ˖

    Proof of payment (gave u a lil tip)
  11. Five

    // ✦☽ Witchcraft ★˖°// opan ✧ ˖

    oh hi, i didn't see the notification prior. i've been using mobile for everything (i've been moving and my 4G isn't that good) i love love love her. Is it okay if i pay you later today? c:
  12. Five

    。n y a n p a s u 。- 5/5 FULL

    absolutely! you already put alot of work into it and it's gorgeous.
  13. Five

    。n y a n p a s u 。- 5/5 FULL

    is it okay if you discard it and i'll redeem my reward another time? (i've been in a really bad place and i've been without internet i've mostly been on my phone, still trying to move)
  14. Five

    。 i n s p i r e m e 。

    ocs: meow text: june thank you for considering (i noticed you were doing a free shop and you're one of my favourite artists so i couldn't miss the opportunity) ;-;
  15. Five

    { G A I A } | TekTek / Avi Art

    Gaia Avatar / Tek-Tek: Text: june Extra: artistic freedom encouraged, have fun. thank you for considering.

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