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  1. @Noxey & @Remba Let me know if there are any change. Im posting these now for you guys Im still making the Animated dp but you guys can have these for now :) I'll have the animated dp posted sometime tonight after work. The animated dp will be on the first of these 3 crops. Full art in spoiler bar EDIT: added the animated dp :) let me know if there are any changes
  2. gonna be able to work on this more tomorrow. Sorry that I've been a little slow in finishing this for you guys. Usually, It would be done by now. Just took things slowly as my mom was in a car accident last Friday. Shes at home nothing super bad but been helping her out a lot before my shifts at work. I should have this done by the end of the weekend at the latest for you guys though :)
  3. Gave

    Gave's Charms | Open |

    Added some Kanto Starter Pokemon charms
  4. @Noxey & @Remba An update for you guys. Just so you know im still working on this.
  5. @Noxey I don't add those details till it's almost complete because I always render the skin and paint over those things anyways as long as the dress is right the pose is okay and her hair looks the way you want it the bigger details don't worry about the smaller ones until I send the finals painted version if I've forgotten small things like that by then remind me. I'll be more than happy to fix them haha but yes I'll be doing more detail work. Ive already added the nose ring in the version I have on my computer.
  6. @Noxey & @Remba Wip Sketch (Debating on changing my name on here to match everything else that I have social media wise but I've had this username for over 8 years I cant bare to change it )
  7. @Noxey & @Remba Sent the invoices. You guys are free to pay at any point throughout the commission :) I will get started tonight on the sketch.
  8. @Noxey & @Remba Accepted, this is definitely super adorable. I think the only question that I have is do you have a preference of who is who in the pose ref or can I decide that one? :) And animations can definitely be done. Are you cool with me adding on an extra 5$ for the blushing and smile/smirk animation? The hearts floating is easy enough to do so that won't be the extra charge and I already include blinking cause I enjoy doing those animations. The total would be 55$ with the extra cost or only 50 without. Let me know what you think but otherwise accepted and I will start as soon as possible. :) If you're cool with the price then I will send over invoices to each of you for half the cost of the commission. :)
  9. Gave

    Personal oc request

    I know you said you'd rather pay in credits but I only offer my art for money as I have bills to pay. If you're interested in my art style please let me know I'd love to draw any of your oc's my prices are 35$ for just a dp crop and 60$ USD for bust art. These are some of my previous examples. Male and female examples. If you wanted me to do multiple of your Oc's I wouldn't mind doing a bundle deal of bust art for some of them. as I am really interested in these 3 Id do bust art of them for like 100$ USD which would be 80$ off what I would normally charge for 3 bust arts.  HIDE CONTENTS
  10. Gave

    { M A G E } // OC Request

    Id really love to make some art of your OC Lehel. He looks really cool and I'd love to do something. my price is 35$ for just a dp crop and 60$ USD for bust art. These are some of my previous examples. Male and female examples.
  11. Update: I am in need of whatever orders I can get right now as I am now going to be short on money this month due to University fees. I could use whatever orders that I can get. For the mean time, I'm going to lower my prices slightly so that way I can get more orders in this shop. I will accept all orders right now.
  12. Gave

    GASR Premade Market

    I'm selling: Male premade comes with Full art + 3 dp crops Preview: Price: both are 40$ USD each Paypal only. Status: Available changes can be made no extra cost (its been 24 hours)
  13. @Lunsta I look forward to seeing what you have in store for me.

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