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  1. I WANT TO JOIN THE BATTLE! > If text is added, what would you like?: Chovie > Link to your OC(s) you'd like drawn: //will pm// (my oc chovie) Can your artist post their finished artwork on social media?: yes, as long as they credit me!
  2. @Diablozoo @Amethyst @Mallvie @Dissocia @Hiroki @Wrath accepted
  3. @clownz hope u like! @tssf @Vamprie accepted!
  4. slots open again for a bit!
  5. @KirsChie I drew tzuyu!
  6. @Sorami sorry its so messy! hope u still like her though ^^
  7. @Mushuk no sorry, you'll have to wait until I open up the orders again
  8. @Sorami @KirsChie @clownz accepted! thanks for dropping by
  9. status - closed slots - unlimited hello! I'm doing quickie arts! *if you've already gotten free art from me you cannot order again, sorry! current batch sorami kirschie clownz tssf vamprie diablozoo amethyst mallvie dissocia hiroki wrath
  10. @Jahh here you go! thanks so much for your patience, hope you like
  11. @Jahh I did a full body for u bc it took so long, here's a quick wip, lmk if you want me to add any specific accessories! ill remember the hair clips, but if there's anything else let me know, otherwise I can accessorize him on my own ^^

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