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    jumping frm planet to planet.
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About Me

Hi! I'm Jahh 



oc by @darksiders

heres a few random facts about me

kno 1 will prob read (:



gender: female

age: 22

orientation: bisexual

sign: virgo

fooo-0od: french fries

race: human/alien

into: trippy static, gorey grunge, anime, torture, video games

colors: rainbow

hobby: spending my monies on things ill loose in 3 days. & video games & watching anime.

i love: you lol and animals mostly great danes

i look up to: my mama because she a badass.

im afraid of: letting someone else crush my heart.

i am this way because: of you. don't worry its not all bad

hidden talent: okay come close don't tell anyone but i can sleep with my eyes opan.

my guilty pleasure is: carna sada fries with extra GUAC.

first thing on my bucket list is: to go mountain diving.





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