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    Premades ────────────────────────── SOLD Maid $65 | DP only, includes Animated and non-animated. Changes: Eye color only. SOLD Symphony $65 | DP only, includes Animated and non-animated. Changes: Eye color only. Example ~ Intro ────────────── Hi Everyone, I'm Matty! My life revolves around art, it's my absolute passion. I’m going to be offering mainly DP premades here since they are easier but sometimes full size art as well! Feel free to suggest ideas! "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” — Thomas Merton R U L E S ▪ Follow all GASR rules. ▪ No refunds. ▪ Prices range usually around $60+ ▪ No holds, no exceptions! First come first serve. ▪ Do not trace, copy, reproduce my art in any way shape or form. ▪ You can do whatever you like with the premades, make it an OC, etc. ▪ I can do textless for it but keep in mind, it may get stolen easily. ▪ You may resell it for the same price or lower as well as gift it or trade it. Let me know who the new owner is so I can change the text for them! ▪ Be sure to read the descriptions of each premade I post as some will come with full sizes, some I’ll allow changes and some won’t! ▪ Be sure to fill in or pm me your PayPal Email so I can send the invoice! C O O L A R T I S T S Sorcelly | Y0UI | Kita | Capsule | Martinus | Ayumi |Robin | Veity | Saxophonia | Fallenhalo| Taiyachan | Luxor | Panties My support banner F O R M ♪ Ordering: ▪ Text: ▪ Watermark: (Optional) ▪ Your email to send the DP to: ▪ Your PayPal Email: (You can PM it) ▪ Total P r o c e s s Thank you for viewing!
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    Think she might be done - who knows, I never seem to finish sh*t lmao
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    Hey guys! I decided to open my premade shop again since I learned how to do DPs. xx I'll be posting a new neko premade tomorrow so keep an eye for it.
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    New premades coming up tomorrow that include these two: be ready for these
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    For those who were wondering, the slots are indeed still open. You can basically check the status of that here: https://gasrforum.net/profile/435-capsule/?tab=field_core_pfield_29 If the slot status is on open then that means i'm still accepting customs. Aside from that i also show it on my " about me " page whether certain shops / slots / services are open or closed. If you're unsure you can still pm me ofc, but as long as it says it is open there, i will accept customs. + I'll give a heads up this time before closing the slots.
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    pray for me 2 get this apartment app approved thank u appreciate it
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    new premade for sale: Vanity price: 44usd
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    New premade "I'll be good" is now available!
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    ☃ I'd like to be a part of GASR's Secret Santa! ❄ Examples of your art: What will you be making?: a drawing, will probably be 1000x1000 with dp crops! I promise to deliver my gift on time and make it with the utmost of care! From my Secret Santa, however, I would like... Name/text: Luxor Or Cielo, whatever fits better References (or screenies): [ Malevich ] [ 17 ] [ Odin ] Extra Details: when in doubt, artistic freedom!!! ☃ I'd love to volunteer! ❄ Username: Luxor Do you promise to complete the artwork no later than Jan. 10th?: damn right!!
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    No matter how hard you try to be a good person, you're always a villain in someone else's reality. Please remember this the next time you find yourself surrounded by persons who consistently try to demonize others. You'll be a lot less stressed.
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    Everything that sold so far! Thank you for your support! ♥
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    ━━━━━━━━ F L O W E R S H O P ━━━━━━━━ hello, my name is melly and welcome to my shop. i'll be offering boops & dps! please check out my shop, if interested rules: #1 | be patient please. i tend to be very impatient with myself and it tends to hinder my process. i try to orders as fast as possible so please don't worry about me forgetting them. | please be specific. i do not enjoy artistic freedom, i like to get everything perfect for you as the customers. | add-ons like small hearts, decorations are free. anything overly detailed as an add-on might be extra. | if you need to pm me your email for privacy issues, please let me know in your form. | if your character is super complex, i may increase the price, be aware. B O O P S D P S old examples: > click here < boop prices: ★ singles | 11$ USD. • double for couples. full size: > click here & here > *will come with 480x660 size as well.* old examples: > click here < dp prices: ★ singles | 25$ USD • double for couples. F O R M S dp form: | couple or single?: | screenies / references : | pose : | extra : | text : | paypal email: boop form : | couple or single? : | screenies / references : | hand pose / gesture : | extra : | paypal email: S L O T S dp slots: | babydoll « paid | 100% » | taehyung « paid | 100% » | buni « paid | 0% » | temp slot. boop slots: | hime « paid | 0% » | plushie « unpaid | hold »
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    A little wip of today's upcoming premade~
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    Should I keep making them "dark" babes for now?
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    Can we just take a second to stare at Vik's amazing art that he prices SO CHEAPLY AND AFFORDABLY. @Krovav @Sated
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    i don't post as much as i'd like to, but i drew a self-portrait here's a speedpaint video as well !
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    Pretty sure I just made the cutest premade ever. c:
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    Just as an example, I really go hard when people ask for changes LOL ---->
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    New premade "Magical" is now up!
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    NEW PREMADE "Octo Girl" $55 what you will get: animation and also artwork in jepeg and .gif post your form with your paypal address:

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