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    Just letting you guys know that i'm not sure when i'll be posting the next premade batch, as usual things happened again and i'm not sure if i'll have enough time to finish an entire batch anytime soon (the male batch first). This is once again, why i usually don't give a timeframe because there's just been a lot of things going on irl, if it's not one thing it's something else. Thanks for the patience everbadi, and i hope you all are doing well atleast.
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    New premade between @Krissy and I in the premade market. This time it is our first Halloween themed !
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    GASR MAGAZINE INTRODUCTION The GASR Magazine is back! We know how much you all enjoyed the first issue and we've been wanting to bring it back. Due to the forum move and multiple other factors we were unable to fully commit to another issue, however we are ready now and looking for our Magazine Team! This is your chance to write on behalf of the forum and be the voice of GASR. Deadline Applications are due by October 13, 2018 at 12:00 PM GASR Time Please read through the entirety of this post before applying. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message @Fervent OVERALL REQUIREMENTS AN ACTIVE GASR USER FOLLOWS FORUM RULES Generally visits GASR on a daily basis. Must be fully aware of our forum rules. You must be at least 15 years old to apply. Is reliable. Will respond in a reasonable amount of time when needed to be contacted. Must be dedicated and be willing to put in the work. Is able to meet deadlines. Must have NO current warnings on GASR. Discord is a necessity for staff communication and updates. Must be able to meet deadlines. Must be able to read and write in English. Ability to work with a team. Must possess excellent communication skills. FAQ Who will run this magazine? It will be ran by the selected team with the supervision of the Event Mods. Are there limited positions for this magazine? Yes, there are limited positions. See below for the number of positions available. How do you choose who gets in? Examples involved with the position is a huge asset You must have Discord for staff communication Proactive influence in GASR is an asset but not a necessity (you are involved in the community) Meeting the overall requirements A solid application that shows that you will be dedicated when chosen What if I don't have discord? You must be willing to create a discord account or you will not be considered for the position, unless your application is outstanding then we will work things out. Do I get a reward or badges out of this? All members of the magazine team will be appropriately credited in the magazine with a page dedicated just to them. However, veteran users who continually apply and work on several issues of the magazine will receive an award on their profiles similar to the website and event awards. Will the staff get paid? This is volunteer work so you will not get paid. However, you will most certainly be credited in the magazine with a page dedicated to the magazine staff. Am I getting special forum rights or positions? No, you will not be getting special forum rights/positions/abilities. This is a user run magazine. You will be granted permission to the Discord Server we have set up for the Magazine Staff. Can I apply to more than one position? Yes you can, but you will only be chosen for 1 position. POSITIONS AVAILABLE Please read through the available positions. You can apply for all the positions below. Remember if you are chosen and you applied for more than one position, you will be placed into the position we feel you are best suited for. GRAPHIC DESIGNERS | 3 POSITIONS OPEN Graphic designers will be responsible for the overall design and layout of the magazine per issue. You will also be responsible with putting all the information written for the issue into the magazine. You must know how to organize information and make them aesthetically pleasing. The Editor in Chief(s) will provide an overall idea and you must be able to create the magazine design based on it. You must have prior experience and provide good examples of your designs in order to qualify. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is ideal but any knowledge of other design programs are acceptable as long as you can design using the program. The standards for this position will be set high so keep this in mind when applying. WRITERS | 5 POSITIONS OPEN Writers will be responsible in writing articles for the magazine. They will write about the topics that is relating to the months covered in the issue and/or will be given a specific topic to write about. The length of the articles will depend on each issue and the topic. A writer’s position is important to each issue release so they must submit their articles by the deadline given. The workload will be spread out among the writers so it does not get overwhelming. If chosen, you might be an interviewer, tutorial analyst, shop critic, community rep, etc. We will take into consideration what your strengths are and assign topics accordingly. FREELANCE ARTISTS | 2 POSITION OPEN Freelance Artists will be responsible for drawing a few art pieces for the magazine. The first position will include drawings that will depend on the issue’s theme and what is needed in the issue, usually it will not be more than 4 per issue. The second position will include a comic strip that you will be creating for the magazine. You must be able to provide the artwork(s) at given deadlines. You will need to provide examples of your best work that are neat and high quality. Although you will not be paid for this, you can take into the consideration about the free advertisement that you will gain from having your artwork in the GASR Magazine. Knowledge of photoshop, sai, gimp and/or any other art programs is a must. ASTROLOGIST | 1 POSITION OPEN The Astrologist will be responsible for providing seasonal horoscopes for each individual star-sign to go with the edition of the magazine. This position requires that you be knowledgeable about astrology to begin with and have a passion for it. You will have your own “Ask Astro” column where 5 questions will be sent and you must answer them honestly and thoroughly. You will also have a portion for “Astro’s tip of the season” in order to give one helpful tip to the community. You will need to do thorough research and provide creative responses. THE APPLICATION FORM If you would like to apply for one of the positions above and become part of the GASR Magazine Staff, please click the link to the application below and fill out all sections to the best of your ability. APPLY HERE *PLEASE NOTE* Everyone will need to complete the first part of the application. After that, you will only need to fill out the sections for the position(s) you are applying for. We look forward to see all the applications!
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    Bless @Ayumi and @Cymette for getting me two super cute birthday gifts. And shoutout to dad @Luxor for making me more addicted to pc games and getting me Stardew Valley. I'm a very lucky birthday girl with super cute friends. THANKS ALL And thanks to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday too! Birthdays make me emotional.
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    Scout Adoptable now available!!!! check out my shop for more info eee
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    Just a small update for those that don't know. On Friday I was admitted into hospital due to my blood pressure being very high and my baby not moving as much. For those that don't know I am currently 36 weeks pregnant, but anyways. I had to stay overnight in the hospital and was monitored and I only just came home Saturday. Sunday I had spent with family and sleeping as I didn't get much sleep at the hospital. Now it being Monday I am back at the hospital for a routine checkup. Everything is fine with baby and my blood pressure is back to normal. For anyone that has orders from me, waiting for art etc. Please bare with me. I haven't been on my laptop since Thursday and I've been using my phone to reply to messages, so please be patient. The next few days I may be a bit slower as I'm trying to get things ready around the house and catching up on sleep ( as in exhausted all the time). I hope you all understand x
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    Halloween is drawing near and GASR has decided to take part in Inktober this year! Let's improve our drawing skills together while taking part in the spooktastic celebration. Join us on October 1st!
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    Hi lads, Unfortunately it is time for me to step down as a moderator. With my studies taking up my time, I thought it was definitely for the best. I've thoroughly enjoyed helping you, and thanks for being a community that I was proud to volunteer for.
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    Dunno about you guys but dragon tiddies r on my mind
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    I've noticed some people get confused on how the top artwork thing works and get upset when they see their piece one minute and not the next. New images are going to jump all over the place as ratings and views come in. (No, not reactions, ratings. You can rate images 1-5/5 stars, like in the example below. Reactions have no effect on the placement of your image(s).) That is why some pieces that were uploaded a few days prior solidify their spots in the front and super recent pictures flop to the bottom. The more views and ratings you get, the higher you go, and it doesn't always have to be a 5 star each time. If you have 1 five-star rating, and I have 10 four-star ratings, I could still be ahead of you because more people have viewed and rated my images. Having only one or the other won't work. It's an algorithm that makes a decision based on what members, that's you guys, do using fancy equations. We don't control it manually, the system does. If you see art you like, react to it all you want to show support, but make sure you rate it as well if you want more people to see it!
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    New collab between @princepol and I! Mortician 20USD PM me if interested!
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    Hello, my loves! Sorry for not answering messages and being MIA. I drove from Ohio to Las Vegas this week, so I'm pretty exhausted from the 28-hour drive. I finally have my computer set up, so I'll be returning to my normal schedule :D I will be answering messages soon and hopefully, I'll have some new DP's posted on Monday! I hope everyone is doing well. I missed you all so much T_T
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    SOLD #Ghostly $43 size:500/689 one gif+one jpg+160/220 resizes SOLD #JustaNap $43 size:500/689 one gif+one jpg+160/220 resizes
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    Helloooo! It is that time again, when I want to try out different things that I can't really on my actual commissions. This thread will be up only for some time, until I feel satisfied with my tests. Again, I will only take up a form every once in a while, out of the ones that seems appealing to me. Just a quick tip: I prefer cute/shy/pastel themes so if you have several OCs, try to pick the ones that are closer to it! Here's an example of a form, but you can go as crazy as you'd like with the details! I'm really not a huge fan of artistic freedom, so I'd love details. ♥ HOWEVER. There will a few small twists to the usual forms: I get to pick the pose and expression. c: References [ hair/eyes/clothes/etc.] : Mood/Theme/Aesthetic [either a picture or text] : Back story [ If any, more for fun and so I get to know your ocs better as well! ]: How did you get/create your OC: Looking forward to meeting all of your OCs! Oh. And here are a few samples of my current drawings, although the ones done in this thread will most likely be different.
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    @Darksiders pu for you, the other animation i tried looked rly odd so i hope this is fine and that you like it! ♥ @DivineYumi Hi bb! its been over a week so i'm going to skip your order and work on the next one for now, let me know if you have any updates! ♥
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    @Iris who is actually kevin and the real iris is dead: PU FOR U
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