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    Apologies for the late reply, had to catch some z's before continuing. But thank you all so much too, y'all made my week / days too since i had no clue if i'd even be able to make it, hence the overkill amount of premades just to be 200% sure. I really couldn't have done this without you guys so please know that it means so much to me to have people like you all around. Whether you do buy my art or not, even if you just tell your friends, or just show support in any way or maybe even dont show support, i'm still pretty goddamn blessed.
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    CAN'T WAIT!! Also hope that you guys will be respectful of both Capsule and everyone in here trying to order and make sure you're posting forms and not spamming as it'll be extremely messy and hard to keep up. You can congratulate and/or cry about me stealing your premades after they're all gone.
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    Thank you guys for your continued support, and thank you @Pey for ressurecting my shop and the support. Also just wanted to start off with apologizing if i made any of you worry too much, there were just unexpected and sudden things that happened that caused me to go on a sudden hiatus without really being able to explain much to anyone at first ( i know i'm not the type of person to just dissapear without a word but this time was different ). And perhaps one day i will explain more about what happened, but for now i just want you guys to know that i'm working on myself and i'm getting the help that's needed in order to do so. I wasn't really supposed to come back all of the sudden and didn't have this planned even if it might seem so, but because of financial family related reasons i do what i think is right, so that's why i'm temporarily back. I've kind of got limited time as there's still plenty going on IRL, so that's why things will go a bit differently with this batch: A certain few rules get adjusted a bit which are these: ▸You are only allowed to buy/post a form for ONE premade for one person per day. (this also counts for badges, adoptables etc) < Doesn't count this batch round, you're allowed to buy as many as you can afford. Mostly changing this this batch because i'm not sure if i'd be able to sell all the pieces within the time span that i need to. ▸ If the premade is a gift, the person ordering it can't have bought any premades within the last 24 hours. But, multiple premades can be gifted to the same person within 24 hours, as long as it's coming from different people who havent purchased any premade within 24 hours. < Doesn't count this batch round, you're allowed to buy as many as you can afford. you can gift as many premades as you want as long as you can afford it, or if the person who will end up paying for it can afford it. ▸ After 24hours have passed since your last purchase, you can buy a premade again. ( it's 24 hours since people have different time-zones < Doesn't count this batch round, you're allowed to buy as many as you can afford. So basically, there's no limit as to how many premades you're allowed to buy for yourself or others, if you see 4 (or 2 or 6 or w/e) premades you like you can make 1 post with forms of the premades you'd like to purchase. Just make sure you can afford it, the other rules still count. Keep your post with forms intact and prepare your post before the premades get unlocked so you avoid missing info or end up editing your form since i still wont approve those. And ofc, don't post your forms until the premades are unlocked. Once again these changes only count on this batch and it's because of time related reasons. please still keep all the other rules in mind, i hope it's not too confusing for you guys. After a lot of thinking and considering time i figured for just this one time this is the best way to go about it. Once again this wont be how i'll do it from now on, it's just how it'll be done with this batch. I apologize if this might inconvenience any of you guys, but just know that i wont quit doing art and there'll be plenty of opportunities next time if people miss this batch once i fully return. The locked versions are now up, after 1 hour all of them will be unlocked at once since i don't really have enough time to do the RNG method but at the same time i do wanna give you guys atleast some time to prepare too, so this is like a half locked system. If you cannot make it or don't have time, don't worry once again, there will be more batches in the future. + The art style might be kind of all over the place since some are collabs and most are quite experimental since i was testing out new techniques etc. If there are any questions please do ask, i'll try my best to answer them as best as i can. Apologies if it's a bit confusing, tried my best to explain it as best as i could. Hope i didn't forget anything ,if i made any mistakes feel free to let me know!
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    I caved and did a premade today. Pain killers kicked in, so my pain was eased for most of the day. Worth $25 USD Ganbare! is still available for $15 USD
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    Thank you guys for the kind words tbh, i'm glad y'all are still around whether you will be buying or not. And ofc themes like " cry more " will return in the future also, so no worries. I know this is all a bit sudden but life has been a bit sudden and unexpected lately so i'm just going with the flow. Also reposting this again for those who haven't read : PLEASE READ THIS POST IF YOU'RE PLANNING ON BUYING:
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    I am redrawing an old art of my OC
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    Probably the prettiest piece i ever created XD Now AVAILABLE in my premades!
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    If i'm not mistaken i have either pmed or made invoices for all the sold premades so far that haven't been removed from the first page. Let me know if you've purchased a piece but haven't received a pm or were supposed to get one but it got sent to the person that posted a form for yours. Also would like to thank everyone who has purchased / posted / supported me and this batch so far. I do appreciate it. There are still a few premades up for those who are interested.
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    Trying to get a capsule premade be like
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    N O W - P R E S E N T I N G AHRI visit my shop for more info ♥
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    Happy Birthday to my daughter, Naomi ! 🎉
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    So this WIP happened last night.. hoping to have her in my shop today, or tomorrow
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    new premade y'all asked for more dark stuff, so I gave it a go.
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    @Cupid @Nyneria @Sorce @Taehyung @Dreams thank you foor the esuggestions guys!! i already see a bunch that i like from what you said. i feel like doing quick soft anime stuff today so i'll see how much i can do so far ive used donut, carnation, amaryllis
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    @Cupsu wip for you bb ! nothing's done so no worries abt the details ♥ ++ is her smile ok or do you want her to look happier?
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    The petty level I see people go to over a 160x220 picture is incredible.
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    Just letting you guys know i'm going through everything now, i'm trying my best to check everything thoroughly, if you see your name on the dp you wanted to buy it means it's yours, if not then it's possible someone else got it. So check the first page to see if you got it or not alright. (just give me some time if you see nothing also, i'm not the quickest with text)
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    NEW ONES UP  LAST CHANCE TO GET PREMADE 120 (in a week she will be removed)! ♡ Name: 120 ♡ Price: €14.00 ♡ 4 normal, 2 animated. ♡ No changes. ♡ Screenshot by Hera. AVAILABLE ♡ Name: 122 ♡ Price: €16.00 ♡ 2 normal, 2 animated. ♡ No changes. ♡ Screenshot by @Hera SOLD ♡ Name: 123 ♡ Price: €20.00 ♡ 4 normal, 4 animated. ♡ No changes. ♡ Screenshot by @ExDies SOLD
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