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    Hey! I was wondering about the ability to link to multiple shops in the same forum section on your profile page. For example, I have two premade shops, one strictly for adoptable characters and one strictly for premades. Another example would be a custom shop, and another custom shop for collab work. Thanks for your time!
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    First attempt to animated snake. Took me hours to make that skin move but it's worth it.
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    C A P S U L E P R E M A D E S L I N K S B E L O W C U S T O M S P R E M A D E S A D O P T A B L E & A U C T I O N T U T O R I A L S P R O F I L E W E L C O M E Welcome to my premade shop! You can find my premade pieces for sale here. If you're interested in my customs please click on the link on the right! Thanks for visiting! WHAT YOU CAN BUY HERE: - Display pictures from scratch in semi-realism - Display pictures from scratch in semi-anime - Display pictures edits (from imvu screenshots) 160x220 - Display picture claims from scratch - Adoptables R U L E S & I N F O P A Y M E N T Send payment to: i'll create the invoice. For credits to: capsule@imvu please don't forget the rules before posting, this will avoid complications I know it's a lot to read but these are the rules that have made things smoother for both me and my customers for the past few years. They're still work in progress as i only aim to improve. R U L E S TOS / RULES have been updated on: October 27 2018. you are allowed to use my rules in your own shop too, adjust them how you want. Crediting me might avoid complications with other people not knowing my rules are allowed to be copied/changed. D I S P L A Y P I C T U R E S P R E M A D E S P R E M A D E S & F O R M SOLD TO CAULIFLOWER* PREMADE NAME: When we meet PRICE: 65usd SOLD TO LUNNA PREMADE NAME: Winter's bride PRICE: 75usd SOLD TO CAEDIS+ PREMADE NAME: Our type PRICE: 130usd SOLD TO ANIMU* PREMADE NAME: War path PRICE: 55usd 1 normal + 1 animated + 1 extra PREMADE NAME: Evil snow-men PRICE: 60usd 1 normal + 1 animated + 1 extra PREMADE NAME: Bff PRICE: 125usd SOLD TO BABYDOLL* PREMADE NAME: Nicely wrapped PRICE: 65usd SOLD TO DOLLY* PREMADE NAME: That's not santa PRICE: 65usd SOLD TO EMBERLY PREMADE NAME: Frostbitten PRICE: 75usd SOLD TO LUNNA PREMADE NAME: Nice for once PRICE: 70usd 1 normal + 1 animated + 1 extra PREMADE NAME: / PRICE: / 1 normal + 1 animated + 1 extra PREMADE NAME: / PRICE: / F O R M S O L D P I E C E S C U S T O M P R E M A D E S C U S T O M P R E M A D E S & F O R M 1 normal + 1 animated + 1 extra PREMADE NAME: / PRICE: / 1 normal + 1 animated + 1 extra PREMADE NAME: / PRICE: / 1 normal + 1 animated + 1 extra PREMADE NAME: / PRICE: / 1 normal + 1 animated + 1 extra PREMADE NAME: / PRICE: / 1 normal + 1 animated + 1 extra PREMADE NAME: / PRICE: / 1 normal + 1 animated + 1 extra PREMADE NAME: / PRICE: / F O R M S O L D P I E C E S S U P P O R T O T H E R A R T I S T S TO C H E C K OUT ! Check their profile pages for their most recent threads / shops. | HIBERNATE | FALLENHALO | PEA | Y0UI | VEE | PEY | PBSTARR | KATARAKNIGHT | TAIYACHAN | MATTIE | SAXOPHONIA | PECULIARDORK | SHERBETRON | SHADY | KYLES | | CAIN | AWSHIE | SORCELLY | XXAPRHODITEGODDESS | CRIMA | LINEARA | WINDOWS | MARTINUS | ROBIN | FOXGOD | SHERBETRON | LUXOR | JAMES | AYUMI | MINT | | LUNNA| HOLLOWRAM | NOVA | KITA | CHEERBEAR | XAI | CERES |
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    Hey GASRians, Due to various security concerns and the threat of a possible breach of private information, we have decided to discontinue the use of Tapatalk. For those that don't know what Tapatalk is, it's a 3rd party mobile application that integrates various forums into their framework so that users have a quick and easy way to access that part of their website on mobile devices. Our forum has been accessible for quite some time on and off since 2017. There has not been any actual breach of data, however, recent strange behaviors from the application itself along with less than helpful support, and a new possible threat being brought to our attention, has made us decide to be proactive about the situation, thus deciding that site security and the protection of our member's data and content is more important than a fairly small convenience. We aim to keep the website as responsive as possible so that usage on a mobile web browser is not interrupted or inconvenient, and we continue to improve our mobile site constantly with regular testing, updates, and help from members who report issues to us on the bug page. We apologize to those who used the app, but hope you understand why we chose not to take further risks and to part ways. Thanks!
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    Commission I made for Jinx, thank you so much! It's my first commission on here.
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    I can't wait to participate! I love ink Oct! I actually made it in time INKTOBER ENTRIES:
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    Going back on an hiatus again or however you're supposed to say that, just wanted to let you all know instead of spamming inboxes. Perhaps one day when i feel like it's the right time, i might talk about what happened and why i had to leave so suddenly as i did last time, since i normally give a heads up if i would go on a break. It's really just a combination of multiple things that happened in such a short time that threw my life upside down 99%, it's a lot. I'll be doing my best and working on myself when i can, and i hope you guys also take your time to take good care of yourself because i can't stress enough how important it is to just take a few steps back and heal up. As for those wondering about when i'll be posting premades again, this really depends on whether my family will get some financial things again or not. For now all the bills have been covered thanks to you guys and i've made extra incase something else would happen, so for now i'd say i'll probably be back when i'm fully recovered which will be quite some weeks hopefully. I'll still be drawing also, just not for the moneys and mostly for relaxation, i might eventually just add those to my instagram but not sure about that yet. And end this month i'll be going to my mother's homeland ( suriname ) which will be the first time for me, i'll get to see some family members i've never met before in person for both good and bad reasons, and where my mom grew up. Eitherway my family and i really need this vacation and i'm sure it'll do me and my parents a lot of good in the end. This also wouldn't have been possible if not for you guys supporting my art and just being you. So thank you all so much I think that was all i wanted to mention, just take good care of yourselves and be nice to yourself and others. If you wanna drop me a message you can through GASR, just keep in mind it might take weeks for me to get back to ya.
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    Sorry for the whole lot of tags! @Robin x @bby @Keturah x @Aleksander @Karismic x @pissarro @doll x @Usako @Proelium x @Kamlin @Sorciere x @Taj @Vaixe x @Kennediia @Cheese x @Weasley @mkissed x @IrisNeko @Bardzaur x @Xeno @Obake x @Tanaka @Tin x @Sambee @Deth x @kyles @oro x @KataraKnight @LostKimin x @dahunnie @Princess x @Krissy @Waifu x @Dykz @Reine x @vhssu @Aliyune x @Tsukimi @Brat x @Dox @Avox x @CritterPunk @Michelle x @Ukie @SID x @Lightning @Fujoshi x @Euphrasie @Stark x @mishtiques @PixyPersephone x @Artisti @Zyra x @Ren @Challie x @mangled @AiNATHEEND x @niisanberg @allenchr x @GRISEUS @Lunna x @Zelta @Cheveyo x @Cannabis @Deli x @Anika @Teal x @Awshie @Can x @Crap @darksalad x @Panties @ThroughtheLightx x @Ellyn @Amore x @Angel @Adore x @Emi @Meru x @Riniyu @12AM x @BluepigART @Pea x @CharlieZOuO @Cotton x @Painted @FlamelessNight x @Xilatr @Tao x @Hibernate @KillySai x @Luxor @Ayumi x @TaiyaChan @Cain x @Hollowram @Kou x @Windows @Capsule x @Teath @PeculiarDork x @Y0UI @Bara x @ColorGush @Poisonous x @Songbird @Uliel x @HIT0SHI @Krovav x @Parasitic @Koju x @Saxophonia @Sinneric x @Sleepyashofsloth @Daedae x @MayVenn @Hope x @Martinus @Chai x @Nova @princepol x @FoxGod @Oikawa x @AkiraSama @llEmpty x @Sorry @Crima x @Meylith @Mattie x @Iris @rockdreamer x @Finn
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    what am i doing with my life i totally should have been sleepingdgfhjkllll
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    This is a drawing of my character Kaliue, a Maehwa, from Black Desert Online! I love her so much, and I wanted to draw her, as I drew my Sorceress last time :)
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    thank you for the oportunity! i was already wanting to join mermay and this event motivated me 🐬 reference used: link
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    Heyo guys, just giving you all a heads up. I'm mostly working on all customs now bit by bit in a random order because i like to switch inbetween things so i can work longer (premades will be continued on after all of the customs). The only issue is that i've overworked my eyes and i think because of the winter season and perhaps other factors of intense focus my eyes have gotten quite sensitive. I had to take care of some things yesterday and rest a whole lot today so my eyes are almost as good as old but i do need a lil bit more time. So i'll be taking this day to let them rest / cool them off to hopefully prevent anything serious. After that / hopefully tomorrow i can just continue on everything again. Just letting y'all know if you don't see the proggress % go up today. Thanks for reading.
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    ♡ a y u m i aleksander ♥ SOLD TO CUPSU ♥ ☆ P R I C E : $55 ☆ D E S C R I P T I O N : comes w still dp . . . ♥ SOLD TO REMBA ♥ ☆ P R I C E : $55 ☆ D E S C R I P T I O N :comes w still dp . . . NAME: FEMALE02 P R I C E : 60€ 42€ D E S C R I P T I O N : FULL SIZE + 3DP CROPS NAME: P R I C E : D E S C R I P T I O N : . N A M E : FEMALE01 P R I C E : 70€ 49€ D E S C R I P T I O N : FULL SIZE + DP CROP + ANIMATED DP NAME: P R I C E : D E S C R I P T I O N : . ▀ SOLD TO NOXEY ▀ N A M E : roses P R I C E : $55 D E S C R I P T I O N : comes w 1 animated + 1 still
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    A needed practice. Working on one layer. Ha! Rip! Still a wip. Now time to hit the sack.
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    Back from vacation but still gonna need some time to think about some stuff, both gasr related and family related and shit knows what else ( a lot has happened again ), there's just been a lot of thinking. Wanted to thank you guys again for always supporting me and purchasing my art, wouldn't have been able to go to Suriname to meet family i wasn't able to have ever met otherwise apparently. Wouldn't have been able to experience the things i did. I really appreciate y'all once again for all types of support, it's all worth it. I wont be posting premades anytime soon for those who are wondering. I still have some irl things to finish off before i can fully return to gasr too but i am slowly working on getting used to things again that i had to take distance from. Unless something happens irl financially i will pop up outta nowhere with premades but for now all seems well everywhere regarding finances. I'm just working on fully healing myself up in all ways i can and making changes where there need to be in general, so that i can return being all solid and stable. For now i'll be on gasr on and off to check messages instead of offline most of the time. And i do i hope you all been doing well, and been taking good care of yourselves. Be nice to yoself
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    here's my entry~ ive made this doodle of my persona and his fishes celebrating the asexual pride woot !! the ace flag is so boring but at least it has my second fave color on it!! so i had fun
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    / / RULES for premades NO HOLDS. First come, first serve! You may not sell the premades you buy from me. Gift/Trading premades is acceptable. (Notify me!) Please allow 24 hours for a response from me. Don't send money until I've accepted your request. Sending proof isn't necessary, but it's appreciated. Color changes are $1.00 each. additional items are $2.00 each. No refunds! / / RULES for adoptables Upon purchasing, you own the character. Please credit me with the design whenever possible. Do not use the adoptable itself for commercial work. Trading/gifting is acceptable. (Notify me!) You may resell, but for no more than what you spent on it. (Notify me!) I still retain the right to post the adoptable in my gallery. You will be credited! Color changes on adoptables are 50 cents each!! I purchased the adoptable bases with my own money. Please do not trace them! Rules by resadotables, edited by me. PREMADES _____________Rainbow | $22.00 __ Mona | $17.00 ___ ______000 | $00.00___ ___ _ _ 000 | $00.00 ________________ _________available / on hold / sold ___ __ ____available / on hold / sold ____ ______ __ available / on hold / sold __.___ _. _ available / on hold / sold ___________ _ _____________000 | $00.00 __ 000 | $00.00 ___ ______000 | $00.00___ ___ _ _ 000 | $00.00 ________________ _________available / on hold / sold ___ __ ____available / on hold / sold ____ ______ __ available / on hold / sold __.___ _. _ available / on hold / sold ___________ _ ADOPTABLES COMING SOON! ______ PAYMENT / / My paypal link! https://www.paypal.me/jurnzyart Email: jurnzyart@yahoo.com All payments should be sent as “Goods and Services”! Paypal payments must be done as a service with no shipment address! FORM / / Premade: Changes: (If any) Text: Watermark: (Not Optional) Total:
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    AVAILABLE #Paradise $45 size:300/413 one gif+one jpg+160/220 resizes
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    Hey GASR, We've made some updates to the reaction system. The "Dislike" reaction has been removed and replaced with an alternative "upvote" and "downvote" reaction. These can be used to agree or disagree with content in a more civil manner. We've also replaced the "Blah" reaction with a "Confused" reaction. We added back the ability for Elite members to see who reacted to their content. We removed this feature roughly 2 months ago due to complications surrounding it. After testing the waters with the change, we've decided it wasn't worth removing a feature that many Elite enjoyed having when the results aren't significant enough to justify it. We want to remind everyone that if you receive a message from another member regarding a reaction that seems aggressive or makes you feel uneasy, ignore it and report it immediately. We cannot stress how important it is that you do not reply to the messages. Don't be afraid to report it if you're unsure. If it turns out to be nothing, we won't take action. Our harassment policies cover both content posted in public and content posted via private message or instant message. We want to remind you as well that you can also report members via support ticket under the Safety department if you feel like a member is purposely targeting you via the reaction system. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to post them below. Respect that others may have a differing opinion and be respectful when expressing your own. @Newbie @Member @ Elite
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    Just wanted to let those know who are confused / wondering as to what i'm doing and where i am atm. I'm spending some time with the fam because a lot of things have happened IRL that requires me to spend some time with them. This means that i didn't really get the chance to make a lot of premades / art, customs are still open just keep in mind that i can't respond as fast as i normally do. I'm still working on art and other things when i can, once i'm fully back i will see how much i've made and see which art pieces i will put up (it's not a lot so far compared to normally when i go on breaks). Hope this puts some of y'all to ease, don't worry too much. Next week i've got some important things to attend to so probably end or after next week i'll start posting art again. Hope you all are taking care of yourselves meanwhile
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    U P D A T E Since you guys have been showing the love for our giveaway we decided we will show you some love back. Me and @Ayumi agreed to extend the prizes for a second, third and fourth place so more of you guys can have a shot at winning something from us this Halloween. So, the prizes are as listed bellow: 1º place: The Custom collab piece. 2º place : 1 Colored sketch from me + 1 colored chibi sketch from Yummers. 3º place: 1 sketch from me + 1 chibi sketch from Yummers 4º place: 10% discount in any of our premades. Best of Luck to all of you!
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    Apologies for the late reply, had to catch some z's before continuing. But thank you all so much too, y'all made my week / days too since i had no clue if i'd even be able to make it, hence the overkill amount of premades just to be 200% sure. I really couldn't have done this without you guys so please know that it means so much to me to have people like you all around. Whether you do buy my art or not, even if you just tell your friends, or just show support in any way or maybe even dont show support, i'm still pretty goddamn blessed.

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